So, you’ve gotten accepted into UNH and have registered for a Summer orientation session. Though they can be super helpful for getting a feel for the school and the environment, they also can be incredibly misleading-it more bad ways than good. But have no fear! Here are 5 reasons why, even if you hate orientation, you’ll love attending UNH.

1. You don’t know your way around campus yet

Yes, there are orientation leaders who bring you to most of the events and venues you are assigned to be at, however, looking around the campus can be super intimidating. It’s huge, and though they explain some of the buildings, they don’t do many. It may feel like attending classes at UNH is impossible to arrive on time and not get lost, but it definitely is a lot easier to maneuver once you move in in the Fall.

2. You don’t have freedom

Because it’s an orientation, you don’t get the same freedom as actual college living. There are scheduled events and a lot of ice-breaking which for some can be awesome, but for most is quite uncomfortable. At UNH there are always a thousand options of things to do and you always get to decide which to do and which not to do. However, at orientation, you have to do them all.

3. You haven’t made friends

It’s quite likely that the most contact you’ve had with another student at UNH is a Facebook conversation, but you’ve never met anyone there. This can feel extremely uncomfortable especially because you’re only there for 2 days maximum. Finding friends in this amount of time is difficult, but you can definitely do it if you put yourself out there. Regardless, once you start UNH in the Fall, you’ll inevitably make way more friends, so there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t gain any contacts at orientation.

4. No classes!

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that orientation is about teaching students about the school as a whole, and not about your specific future lives’ there. You won’t really gain much from registering for classes except being introduced to some professors and students in your major. But in the Fall is when the real deals begin and you have to start your academic journey. This can be both nerve-wracking and exciting, but it’s hard to tell how you’ll like it solely based on orientation.

5. Dorm living is horrible

And finally, the dreaded overnight stay. Having to live in stoke for a night is hard, especially if you are looking forward to living in a quiet dorm in the Fall. There’s always the floor that decides to party really loudly even though you can get unaccepted from the university for doing so. And it’s always uncomfortable to live with other students just for one night, but remember it is exactly that- one night. You can get through it because even if you decide to go to bed at 9pm at orientation… you’ll definitely be awake until at least 12am when the fall rolls around.

Going to orientation can be a beneficial and exciting experience, but it can also be a scary and uncomfortable one. Knowing that even if you do leave orientation hating the school, UNH will not let you down. It’s full of amazing students and professors who all want to learn and help you grow as a learner and a student. Remember that most students forget all about orientation by the time Winter break comes around because they are so happy with their decision to become a Wildcat already! Every day is a great day to be a Wildcat – even if you don’t believe so at first.


Mikayla Clifford

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