It doesn’t take a very keen eye to point out the characteristics of a UNH student, but to a UNH student, these things are second nature and a way of life. On any given day, you can pass by dozens of students wearing or doing the exact same thing, but to the students, it is how they function and get through the day. Whether or not they mean, UNH students all managed to adopt the same habits as one another and these habits are here to stay with them well past college. UNH gives off a very distinct vibe that you can easily find on the campus grounds, in the classrooms, and especially in the students themselves.

1. Bean Boots

It doesn’t take a sophisticated fashion runway model to know that these L.L Bean outdoorsy style boots are a hit. But, let’s face it: trying to get to an 8 am class across campus while it’s snowing? There is only one boot for the job, and it will still make you look cute and New England ready. Comfy, waterproof, and ready for any kind of UNH event, you will know a UNH student when you see them wearing their beloved Bean Boots.


2. Iced Coffee even when it is winter outside

Needless to say, here at UNH, we sure love our iced coffee. People may prefer Starbucks or Dunkins but the fact remains: hot coffee is nice, but iced is still a favorite for many students. So, keep your eyes peeled for those wary students clutching their iced coffees in the middle of winter on their way to class. The little cardboard slip can only do so much, but it is better than nothing. A college student will run mostly on coffee, and for the students here at UNH, it will most likely be iced.


3. Plaid, Plaid, and more Plaid

Let’s face it: plaid is a great thing to own in terms of clothing. If you are ever having one of those days where all you want to do is go back to bed, and let’s be honest, that is every day, plaid is a great substitute for that oversized sweatshirt in your closet. It makes you look a little more awake and a little more prepared for the day. Pair it with some leggings, your trusty Bean Boots, a thick infinity scarf and a vest, you are good to go! It is a guaranteed fact that if you strolled down Main Street on campus, you will see at least one plaid shirt walking as well.


4. Knowing all the jives and cheers at a hockey game

If you have not been to a UNH hockey game, you are surely missing out on the experience. The rush, the yelling, the excitement, but most of all, the cheers. UNH students pride themselves on their sports, and hockey is no exception. If you ever find yourself at a UNH hockey game, you will quickly get accustomed to the rather rude yet fun chants the students will cheer.


5. Tapping the Nose of the Wildcat Statue

With going to college comes tradition, and tradition is a sure way to get your entire college community rallied together. Each college campus will have their own take on tradition, but here at UNH, the one that stands out above the rest is tapping the Wildcat statue’s nose in front of the Whitemore center. It seems like such a simple task to do, but when you have the entire campus lined up to go to a hockey game, tapping the nose on their way in, it shows the effect tradition has on the campus as a whole.


6. Having a UNH sweatshirt for every day of the week

It is no secret that everyone loves a nice, cozy, oversized sweatshirt for those cloudy days where you can’t seem to function; those days where you woke up late or went to bed at 4 in the morning, or all of your plaid shirts are in the laundry. It can be a hassle trying to get out the door at a reasonable time in the morning, and sometimes you are forced to wear that enormous sweatshirt. However, everyone loves sweatshirts, especially when they are branded with your own college logo. It makes it that much more special. Seeing a person with a UNH sweatshirt would be an obvious sign that they are going or have gone to the university, but do not assume that one sweatshirt is their only UNH sweatshirt. More likely, there are 6 others just like that one in their dorm closet.


These are definitely the clearest, most obvious signs that you are a UNH Wildcat, but there are also others. It’s really funny to travel around Durham and be able to identify your peers just based on a few things. It’s kind of like a huge family, right? It’s an amazing thing to be a Wildcat!


Mikayla Clifford

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