Being a Wildcat requires the perfect balance between school, sleep, sports, and nights out. Thankfully we’ve got it down to a science! Here’s what a typical day as a student at the University of New Hampshire is all about.

1.Woke Up Like This

We all have that dreaded 8 am class that we never want to go to, but at the same time, we need it to graduate. UNH students are pretty good about getting out of bed on time, and that is because the dining halls have pretty bomb breakfast. Philbrook has a phenomenal omelet bar and there is always a great selection of breakfast foods to kick-start the day. Besides breakfast, it also a great idea to give yourself time in the morning, and it may be hard with an 8 am. However, if you have a later class in the morning, still try to get up earlier. It can really put your mind at ease if you give yourself extra time to browse your closet for your outfit for the day, making sure you have everything you need for the day, and even to put some makeup one before you leave the dorm for good. Make sure you take the time each morning to get organized, that way you’re not flustered or forgetting anything throughout the rest of the day. The last thing you want to do is start the day our rushed or panicked.



2.Study Time

It is always important to find time in between your classes to sit down, take out your agenda, notebooks, textbooks, etc, and get yourself organized and caught up. Check your agenda regularly just to be sure you are caught up with everything and the act of writing them down and reviewing them will make it less likely you will forget them.  Taking time out of your day to get your bearings together is a really great way to keep you stress-free and on top of your homework and studying. We all know how good it feels to get that pesky assignment that is due in a couple weeks done and taken care of. Union Court in the Memorial Building is a great place for you to sit down at a table, spread out, and let you catch up and get your life organized and making you feel very adult. These study breaks are paired great with a coffee and a little healthy snack.


3.Nap Time

Let’s be honest: college is kind of a bitch. It takes a lot out of you and even getting through one class can knock you out. So, an hour or two spent napping in your dorm is not a bad thing. College students are experts at napping, and it is a valuable life skill too. It can recharge your batteries and there is nothing wrong with getting a little more sleep. Even if you don’t feel like sleeping but your mind just needs to shut off for a little bit, watching a couple episodes of your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix can also do the trick. If you have to nap or relax in between classes or meetings, remember to set your phone alarm because the last thing you want to do it miss anything and have your only excuse be that you were napping!


4.Gym Life

As lazy as you may feel on any given day, working out can improve more than just your body. Exercising helps clear your mind, lighten your mood, and you can let out any stress you may feel. It just so happens UNH’s gym is a bomb and free and open all day. There is nothing better than exhausting yourself by exercising and you will sleep better too. Plus, exercising daily makes those cheat days not feel as bad and guilt-ridden, and have you seen the UNH dining halls; they are a delicious hell. Exercising can also help you study better; you feel more productive after you work out as opposed to sitting around all day watching TV all day. Taking flash cards with you to the gym is another great idea. And if you ever having the internal war about going to the gym, just think of it as this: what would the Rock do? He would go work out. And if you are confused or don’t know what to focus on when exercising, the UNH gym helps with that. They have a variety of machines and equipment that will help with whatever area that you want to work on that day, whether it’d be abs, cardio, arms and so on.


There you have it, folks! These things you will definitely find becoming your life when you move onto campus and become an official Wildcat! It’s both scary and exciting, but once you get into the groove of things, you’ll look back at this article and be like “… oh, yeah… she was right…”


Mikayla Clifford

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