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10 Hardest Classes At UNH

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Ally Zukowski
8 May 2019
8 min read

At the University of New Haven, lots of classes are offered for each and every student. Though, some classes are harder than others. students express their attitude towards the subjects and express whether to take the class or not. These classes can be through the honors program or require more time due to the amount of credits earned. Through the opinions of the students, here are 10 hardest college classes at the university.

1. CHEM 1116 (Honors) - General Chemistry II

Image of Spongebob Squarepants expressing his thoughts about the chemistry

This class is intended for science and engineering students and covers all the fundamentals of chemistry. Topics include IMF, chemical kinetics, acid/base equilibrium etc. People have a tough time learning all the curriculum of chemistry but respect their professor, John Osambo. People suggest taking good notes during lecture and purchasing the textbook for homework assignments. 

2. MATH 1118 - Calculus II

Image of a guy looking at math equations from the movie The Hangover

This is a 4 credit class that requires a C (not C-) or higher grade. It consists of prior knowledge of math in MATH 1117 to continue in learning calculus. Topics include the fundamental theories of calculus, improper integrals, and introductions to differential equations. Students have expressed that the lecture consists of going through the homework the majority of class and learning the new material in a small amount of time. People recommend to complete homework efficiently. 

3. FORS 4044 - Criminalistics with Laboratory

Image of yellow crime tape

This is a 4 credit class that requires permission from the forensic science faculty to take. Topics include hair and fiber analysis, explosive residue, forensic chemistry etc. There is also a lab involved with additional costs. Students recall this class being very lecture heavy with weekly readings and homework assignments. The professor though is very informative and entertaining and will answer any questions.

4. BIOL 2254 - Biology II for Science Majors w/ Lab

Image of topics included in Biology

This is a 4 credit class with additional lab intended for science majors. Main topics include the principles of biological organization from the molecular level through the ecological. Skipping class is highly unrecommended as there is no chance of passing. People claim that there is a lot of material in which some is not tested but a lot is. There is a lot of group activities to meet fellow students. 

5. ECON 1134 - Principles of Economics II

Image of the basic principles of economics in the form of pictures

This is a 3 credit class that focuses on microeconomics. Topics includes markets and market structure and the allocation of resources. There is a big focus on problems in the economy that look at current topics of the distribution of income, the public economy, the international economy. Lots of material is covered in this semester course and might be overwhelming for some students. 

6. FINC 1123 (Honors) - Personal Finance

Image of a piggy bank showing the subjects of personal finance

This class requires MATH 1108 or higher as this is a 3 credit class focusing on finance concepts as they apply to daily management. Topics include the knowledge of setting personal finance goals, the value of money, retirement planning etc. Students need to get used to the use of programs such as MS Excel and other financial planning software. 

7. NSEC 4578 - Homeland Security and Terrorism

Image of the US Department of Homeland Security

This is a 3 credit class that familiarizes students to the concept of homeland security from administrative, organizational, historical, and critical perspectives. Topics include overall national security, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies. The professors are very helpful with knowing all this information as they will let one know what is on the exam. Therefore, going to lecture is key; if they repeat the concept three times it is best to write it down as it will most likely be on the exam. 

8. EASC 2211 - Introduction to Modeling of Engineering System

Image of blueprints associated with engineering

This is a 3 credit class that requires priori knowledge to Chemistry, English, Calculus, and Physics. This course focuses on modeling simple engineering systems in different fields. Topics include linear momentum, energy, currents, voltage etc connected to real life situations. Going to lecture is highly recommended and there is a lot of homework assignments but the lowest two are dropped. The professor is willing to answer any questions. 

9. ACCT 3323 - Cost Accounting

image of a laptop that helps with accounting

This 3 credit accounting class focuses heavily on examination of the accounting principles and procedures underlying the determination of product costs for manufacturing concerns. Topics include costing systems along with budgets, standard costing, and CVP analysis. The professor is well respected and helps students during hard subjects. The lectures will make people really think. Participation is highly recommended to get a high grade. 

10. HLTH 4450 - Health Sciences Capstone

Image of words related to health

This is a 3 credit class that provides an opportunity for students to integrate their health sciences knowledge and experiences to real life situations. Situations of knowledge can be put into research studies, clinical projects, and practical examinations. A recommendation from the instructor is a must in order to take the class and there needs to be a approval of the project that can be completed in a semester.


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