UNC Chapel Hill Graduates throwing their caps

UNC Chapel Hill offers over 1000s of courses each year. Some courses are considered easy and are usually taken as electives. In order to help you boost your GPA, OneClass has compiled a list of 10 of the easiest classes at UNC Chapel Hill.

1. ENG 123 – Introduction to Fiction

You get to read popular fictions such as Frankenstein and Northanger Abbey which we all have read in high school. You have three essays to write and the professors let you revise your essay as many times until you get an A! Pretty simple.

2. INLS 201 – Foundations of Information Science

You sit in class and listen to long lectures from the professor. But get this, your midterm and final are reflection papers along with your other assignments. EASY class, would definitely recommend!

3. ASIA 150 – Asia: An Introduction

This course introduces Asia’s historical, cultural, and political diversity. Pretty much study the PowerPoints and you’re good to go for the exam!  You’re told to read for class but no one does it since it’s all on the PowerPoint! There’s also a potluck towards the end of the semester! LIT!

4. KOR 101 – Beginners in Korean

Fear not, Korean is actually one of the easiest languages to learn! The Korean professors are so nice and the pace is perfect for beginners like you! You can seriously learn the Korean alphabet within 20 minutes~ They actually show KPOP in their classes too!

5. SOCI 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Pretty much read for the class, complete the reading notes, and memorize terms for the exam! How much easier can it get! Students always start a Google Doc to study for these exams!

6. PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology

Just like SOCI 101, this class is another GPA booster. You pretty much have to memorize terms for the exam and a mini research assignment that you get to work on together in groups. Learning about our brain is also fascinating too!

7. EDUC 309 – Quality and Betterness

A leadership class where you make speeches and participate in group activities. NO midterm and final exam for this certain class. If you’re an extrovert and you love to talk, this is the class for you! Everyone can easily get an A in this class.

8. EDUC 132 – Career Planning

An one hour credit course designed for Juniors and Seniors that are still uncertain about their career paths. Pretty useful course for effective job searching techniques in the job market~ WE GO TO COLLEGE TO LAND A HIGH PAYING JOB!

9. CHIN 150 – Introduction to Chinese Civilization

Traces China’s historical development from the earliest to most recent eras. You only have to write two 2 page papers and answer T/F questions for the exam. Even better, both your midterm and final exam are take home. Great opportunity to look up answers in your textbook or in Google.

10. JAPN 277 – Empire of Sex

Mark Driscoll is the only professor that teaches this course and he’s hilarious!  He loves talking about sex which knocks everyone’s socks off in that class. Your grade is based on papers and participation. Believe me, you have so many opportunities to speak up in that class! Don’t be shy to talk about dicks and Japanese sex in that class, he’ll love you even more if you do!


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