There are night owls and there are early birds. In terms of preferences, to each their own. However, in a campus as big as UNC, freshman live ALL THE WAY across campus on the south side, while the main campus (and all the classes are on the north side. So as a first year at Chapel Hill, one should not take 8AMs because:

1. Waking Up, Of Course

You’ll hear rising college first-years saying, “Oh I’ve been waking up for school on time all my life- how hard can it be?” or “I’m going to turn myself into a morning person and change myself at college”.  IT DOESN’T WORK. You are away from your parent for the first time and snoozing your alarm 15 times is only going to make your roomie kick your bottom.


2. Studying Late Becomes a No-No

People fondly recall their high school days when they would be able to stay up working on homework or studying for tests till 3AM and wake up in time for school at 7AM. Gone are those days and now most freshmen need at least 95294625 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. Thus, taking an 8AM means perpetual zombie mode and that is NOT good for productivity.



Enough said. Everyone knows how incredibly hard it is to get out of bed on a freezing morning from the comforts of your soft and cozy bed. Why would anyone want to leave that bliss to go to class?!


4. What’s the Prof Saying Anyway?

If you are anything like most freshmen, despite knowing that there’s an 8AM the next day, you’re probably going to end up looking at cat videos till you eventually fall asleep at 2AM. And therefore, the absolute lack of focus in lass next morning which makes one think Why did I come to class anyway? So, why not just take a class a little later in the morning to ensure 100% productivity.


5. Breakfast Before Class Can Be Useful

Research says breakfast is the most important meal of the day and can help you start your day right. If you have an 8AM, you have to wake up even earlier to get some fuel for your body and that sounds SCARY. Hence, not registering for an 8AM can allow you to eat your breakfast in peace before going to lass an increasing your focus and productivity.


See? Who wants to be cranky every morning, skip breakfast, hike all the way to main campus AND be cold? So ditch the 8AMs and start the day right and be productive!


Vedika Parikh

I write.

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