If you haven’t already experienced it as a first-year Tarheel, you should know that registration at UNC is our personal version of Hunger Games. Limited spots in classes. Thousands of knowledge-hungry Tarheels. Survival of the fittest (jk, it’s actually survival of the ones with early time slots). But jokes apart, it is a stressful time for many, but if you follow these few easy steps, you can easily get the classes you like during registration.

1. Make Sure You Add All Your Classes to Your Shopping Cart

You’re thinking duh lady, I knew that. But here’s what is important— make sure you add classes to your shopping cart in the order of preference so the ones at the top are your most wanted ones and the less important ones at the bottom. This structure makes it easy to look at and sort as to which classes are open from what you NEED and which ones are open in what you WANT.


2. Organise Your Classes to Avoid Scheduling Conflicts


Super Simple, but you’d be surprised to find out how many people out there don’t do this. Once you have your classes laid out in your shopping cart according to priority, use this wonderful website called coursicle.com to put together a schedule and see if everything fits.


3. Make an Alternate Schedule With 3-5 Back-up Scenarios (7-8 if you’re paranoid )


Even though many people end up getting all the classes they want using these techniques, there are times when a class is closed and you need to get the minimum registration requirement (for example, when you need a minimum of 12 credit hours to maintain your status). In worst-case scenarios use your back-up schedules to get that minimum requirement out of the way, and hey— it’s a bonus if you actually like those classes.


4. Track the Closed Classes Using Coursicle


The website (coursicle.com) mentioned in #4 is a very useful tool and lets you track one class for free and more classes for $1 on a mobile app. So make sure you have a connect Carolina tab always open on your phone and as soon as you get that notification from Coursicle, hit that enroll button on your shopping cart page.


5. If All Else Fails— Go to the Class Anyway


Many students lament over their soiled fate when they don’t get into the class they wanted. There feel no need to waste energy like this because one can always sit through the first class and request the professor to add them. It may sound intimidating, but honestly, most professors love it when students show interest in what they teach and say two kind words about their class/field of expertise. So go to the first class on FDOC, talk to the professor after class, and it should work 99% of the times.

In the end, understand that you have time at Carolina and there is no need to stress. The professors are understanding and one can always take classes in the summer. That said, if you are registering anytime soon; may the odds be ever in your favour.



Vedika Parikh

I write.

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