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BY ALL MEANS STAY AWAY FROM THESE COURSES! Just giving you a heads up for what you’re about to put yourself into. Here are 10 of the Hardest Courses at UNC Chapel Hill!

1. CHEM 102 – General Descriptive Chemistry ll

Just because you got a 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam doesn’t mean you’re actually good at chemistry. Exam questions are very tricky and a lot of people do make bad grades since it’s a weed out course.

2. COMP 401- Foundations of Programming

After COMP 110, you immediately jump to COMP 401 and that’s when programming hits you hard. That’s a huge jump right there, from 100’s to 400’s. Students normally struggle in that course since a lot of the assignments require a lot of effort from you.

3. ECON 420 – Intermediate Macroeconomics

Not as lit as you think.. One of the hardest ECON courses with boring lectures and difficult exams. It’s a tough time for ECON majors going through this course.

4. ECON 410 – Intermediate Theory: Price and Distribution

Make friends and form study groups, that’s how you’re going to survive in this course. Lectures are boring and difficult as well but with friends by your side, it shouldn’t be AS bad.

5. MATH 233 – Calculus of Functions of Several Variables

Required for several majors such as Computer Science. Deals with vector algebra, partial derivatives and more. Higher level calculus can be hard and not easy to get high scores. Just PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE. Definitely a class you need to study your butt off.

6. BIO 101 – Principles of Biology

Definitely a weed out class for students who are applying for med school. You’re in a huge lecture hall with all the pre-med students and the exams can be quite tricky. Make use of office hours, they’re your best friends.

7. CHEM 262 – Introduction to Organic Chemistry ll

Chemistry just continues to get harder and harder. This course requires a lot of studying and hard work. Good thing is, the professor drops your lowest midterm! BUT DO STUDY FOR THAT CLASS!

8. MATH 232 – Calculus of Functions of One Variable II

Probably one of the most failed courses since it is required for several majors. Make sure you attend to every class session, do all the homework, and practice from the textbook! It’s calculus guys…. requires a lot of practice!

9. ECON 101 – Principles of Econimics

Not a lot of A’s are given out for this specific class. Turchi’s exams are completely different from practice tests, book readings, and lectures. My tutor was even lost trying to help me. Save yourself. Pick another professor!

10. MATH 130 – Precalculus Mathematics

If you didn’t get a MATH credit from your high school, try taking the MATH SAT and transfer that over. Apparently Precalc at UNC is quite difficult to get an A….. the people complaining did not expect a lot of work put forth into this course.


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