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Freshman Year could be the most exciting year but also the hardest year in your university life. The whole process of getting used to it and making new friends could be hard, but don’t worry! Here are 10 Tips to Survive Freshman Year at UNC Chapel Hill!

1. Breathe

Freshman year will start before you know it, enjoy your summer as much as you can. Do not get too caught up in fantasies about your room, or your roommate, or even the potential partners you may make—enjoy your last summer as a “kid”.

2. Do not rush into a major

Your interests will change. It is helpful to have an idea of what you want to do, but do not be afraid to steer away from your plans. Do not be composed by this to do list—open up your mind to new things. College will allow you to find your niche and eventually your major.

3. Plan your schedule accordingly

Although there are requirements for the types of courses that you must take in order to obtain your degree, you are free to choose which courses within these requirements you would like to take. For example, there is a general education requirement that must be a “Literary Art”. There are dozens of classes within a variety of departments and topics that can fulfill this requirement so make a selection that will feed your interests. College should be interesting.

4. Build amicable relationships with professors

Professors love to be helpful. They may be somewhat intimidating at first but most have your best interest at heart. A lot of professors are very passionate about their work and sometimes may not communicate the lessons very well. It is essential that you speak to them about any questions you may have and even attend office hours. Building relationships with your professors opens you up to potential mentors and recommendation letters.

5. Participate in extra-curricular activities

Just because you are no longer in high school, it should not mean that you should not participate in activities that you like. So, you weren’t asked to play on the varsity volleyball, there are still competitive teams such as club volleyball or intramural volleyball. There are thousands of clubs and organization on campus that are looking for passionate students to join. The university is filled with outlets to continue your interests or to spark new ones. Go out and explore!

6. Party wisely

Parties are the second biggest aspect of college that many people talk about. Wild nights out during the semester are often spoken about when conversing with college students and graduates. However, they do not detail the importance of being safe when in these environments. It is easy to get carried away and forget why you are in college and parties are big proponents of this. If you do to choose to attend them, pay close attention to your surroundings.

7. Find a person or group of people who will have your best interest at heart

The university is huge and it can be hard to attempt to tackle it on your own. Reach out to people. Ask upperclassmen questions. Do not be shy to put yourself out there because the people who are willing to help are usually the friends you connect with the most.

8. Find a study space

UNC is a lot of work. It is great to have a space where you feel you can concentrate on your work without any constant distractions. My study space is my room but for a lot of my friends it is at a random desk in the undergraduate libraries. Find your spot and stick with it.

9. Snack wisely

There are so many outlets for quick and easy food that sometimes it seems much more simple to order a pizza than it is to buy fruits at the local grocery stores. Eat out sparingly because the pounds will begin to add up. Do not feel that you must eat out because you do not have access to grocery stores or food markets. The local bus systems will take you anywhere you need to, and most of them are free!

10. Use your money wisely

Unless you are a student with a super secure job—do not spend your money any and everywhere. Those blue jeans that you are dying to have will always be there but that fee you owe the university cannot always be there. Not paying student fees will bar you from registering or even getting your diploma. Spending your many anyhow also limits the amount of money that have to be used for your necessities. Running to your parents for money on a constant basis will get tiring—use your resources wisely.


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