1. Carolina blue has become an integral part of your color wheel.

Let’s face it. From the moment you were accepted into our nation’s first public university, Carolina blue became your color. It’s only expected that you wear t-shirt after t-shirt with our beautiful hue and Rameses’s face on your chest. It’s become so common now that when you do your laundry, you’re able to separate your loads into whites, darks, and Carolina blues. 

2. You know to bring a backpack to Fall Fest.

Fall Fest, the annual celebration to advertise student organizations, takes place at the start of every fall semester, and it is huge. Hundreds and hundreds of organizations line the streets and intramural fields, offering free goodies and prizes. There’s always entertainment and free food around every corner, and you know you’re a Tar Heel when you come with a backpack, prepared to stock up as though you were going on a grocery shopping trip. 

3. You trip on a brick at least once a day.

One of the most beautiful features of campus is the brick pathways everywhere you go. It makes for a picturesque experience every season out of the year, but even so, the bricks can be devious. Sometimes, they’ll dislodge themselves and trip you on your way to your morning class – right when you don’t need it, of course. And yet, it’s become so commonplace that you’ve accepted it. Chapel Hill will knock you down, but it will also build you back up.

4. You live for Carolina basketball.

At UNC, basketball is a religion. You live for Late Night with Roy and there is nothing better than seeing your team make it to the national championship. You plan your day around the game times, tailgate, hit the Franklin Street bars, and if the lottery is on your side that week, you’re headed to the Mecca of Carolina basketball: the Dean Dome. Game days are practically holidays in Chapel Hill – people come together, people celebrate, and people root for the one common thing everyone believes in: that team on the court.   

5. #BeatDook

Speaking of basketball, you know you’re a true Tar Heel when Duke is no longer Duke, but Dook, and you want nothing more than to beat Dook – that’s the one thing that matters more than everything else. We will always, always want to beat Dook, because we all know what the right shade of blue is. And when we do beat Dook, rushing Frankling Street is the greatest experience of a collegian’s four years – you won’t ever forget it. 

6. You’ve made the walk of shame from Davis to the UL at 2:00 a.m. at least a couple times a semester.

We all prefer Davis Library. That’s how it goes. It has more books and more places to study. It is the universal haven for all, but we have all made that walk of shame at 2:00 in the morning from Davis over to the undergraduate library when Davis closes for the night. More often than not, it becomes the communal walk of shame – a migrating group of students caught in the disappointing forced move to the always-open library across the way.

7. Enough said.

There’s a such thing as frozen yogurt and then there’s a such thing as YoPo. YoPo is to die for – the best that Chapel Hill has to offer. Nestled into the side of one of the buildings on Franklin Street, and officially known as The Yogurt Pump, it is the perfect hidden spot for the perfect frozen treat. Whether it’s a date or an outing with friends, YoPo is a must, and nothing ever compares after you’ve had your first cup. You know you’re a Tar Heel when this becomes a necessary part of your meal, and you go out of your way to have it.

8. LDOC. Ehaus. HoJo. DTH. UL.

You know you’re a Tar Heel when you begin to incorporate terms into your vocabulary that only other Tar Heels will understand: FDOC (first day of class), LDOC (last day of class), Ehaus (Ehringhaus dorm), HoJo (Hinton James dorm), DTH (The Daily Tar Heel), UL (undergraduate library) etc. Without realizing, you’ll begin saying things like these to non-Tar Heels, only to have to stop mid-conversation and explain.  

9. Gary, the Pit Preacher.


Gary is the one we love to hate and hate to love, but truth be told, the Pit wouldn’t be the same without him. He’s our token Pit Preacher, present throughout the warm months to condemn us all to Hell and ridicule us for our actions. You know you’re a Tar Heel when you either spend your lunch break listening to some of his nonsense to the point of being utterly dumbfounded at his accusations.

10. You go home for summer vacation and only want to go back.

Most of all, you know you’re a Tar Heel when you go home for summer vacation, only to want to come back. After my first year, I cried when I moved out. I didn’t want to leave, and when my friends graduated this past year, they cried, because they didn’t want to leave either. Truth be told, Chapel Hill gets into your soul and becomes such a crucial part of who you are, and that’s what it means to be a Tar Heel – you become a part of it and it becomes a part of you.



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