It is not unknown that classes at UNC are hard as heck most of the times (I mean what is up with all these 101s being SO difficult to get good grades in?). And sometimes, this may seem overwhelming if one doesn’t understand the material and feels like there is no one who can help out. This is where the Learning Center comes in to save the day. If you are struggling academically with anything at all, read ahead to find out why you should use the following resources:

1. Peer Tutoring (with peers ofc)

The peer tutoring part of the learning center matches you up with a student who has previously taken the class and done well in it. These peer-tutors have undergone training and are well equipped to help students with any problems they may have. Also, unlike TAs or professors, they can give you tips and tricks from first-hand experience on how to ace that class.

2. Academic Coaching for the Win!

This is not what most people think it is. Despite sounding like a plain old coaching service, this is one of the most useful resources! Academic coaches at the learning center sit down with students and help them develop and sustain study schedules, anti-procrastination techniques and school-life balance. Most importantly, they help students stay committed and accountable to their goals and it is beyond imperative to have all these organizational skills.

3. Handouts Galore!

Handouts, handouts, handouts! A ton of information in bite size pieces to help you solve almost every academic related problem. The learning center offers a LOT advice such as how to be more productive while reading textbooks, goal tracking, skimming, note-taking, making game plans for exams to name a few. (Literally to name a few, go check this for the full list.)

4. STEM Resources to Save Lives

STEM classes at UNC are one of the “tougher shells to crack”. Each subject area needs to be approached in a different style and study technique. The Learning Center has the perfect resources for this situation such as specific study plans for biology chemistry and math, individualized academic coaching, and specialized subject-wise videos/handouts for each of the STEM classes.

5. ADHD Services

Being diagnosed with a disability can be demotivating and can make one feel inadequate at times. To help out, the Learning Center provides individual advising sessions, videos, articles, and conducts seminars and information sessions. These resources revolve around helping students figure out how to navigate the disability and how to develop strategies to set academic goals.

Sometimes, people feel like they are alone in dealing with various academic ghosts that haunt every student, but that is far from the truth. UNC tries its best to provide as many resources to its students as it can to ensure their success and EVERY student should use them.

Vedika Parikh

I write.

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