PSYC 101 is one of the most popular classes at UNC and generally, a large majority of students have taken it. For this class, there are many professors you can take it with, but in the end the experience of studying introduction to psychology is the best with Dr. Loeb die the following reason and SO many more.

1. Her Classes are Engaging

There are so many classes where the lecture feels 20 hours long and you get so bored that you want to leave ASAP. However, Dr. Loeb’s classes are so engaging that one barely realizes where the 50 minutes pass by. She starts her class with a not-so-easy poll question to get everyone into the mood for psychology and from there on makes her classes so fun by making them interactive, making students play games and encouraging participation.


As mentioned above, she majorly encourages participation, learning games and an interactive environment. How? EXTRA CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING. No seriously; if you answer a poll question – extra credit, if you answer a question she asks – extra credit, if you volunteer to go up and participate in a game she planned – DOUBLE extra credit. There’s a reason people say it’s hard to do badly in her class.

3. She’s Frickin’ Funny!

Part 6385 of the reason why Dr. Loeb is the best because she makes the most inappropriate jokes and gives the quirkiest ways to remember course material. All of this coming from a professor who is much older than you is a refreshing experience and makes the experience of learning just so much more enjoyable. For example, she brings in funny videos of her kids, jokes about her bi-racial marriage and uses memes/gifs in her power point presentations to make students laugh. I mean, what’s not to love here?

4. Testing Structure

C’mon now, every time you take a class, one of the first things you think about is whether or not you’ll be able to do well and how hard the tests will be. She gives three ‘midterms’ and one cumulative final, all of which is multiple choice. The best part? She drops one of the tests. This not only allows a little cushion with your first exam where you don’t know what kind of questions she might ask, it also allows you to not stress out overall since you will always have ‘back-up’.

5. Full. Of. Resources.

Admitted at times the amount of homework she asks you to do may seem overwhelming, the amount of resources she has out there to help you is insane. Chapter summaries, recommended videos and articles to help you understand the material, class outlines, power point presentations, TAs who are happy to help, and Friday assignments that force you to read the textbook and really learn the subject well.

If it may not have been mentioned it already (it has been though), PSYC 101 is the best with Dr. Loeb for all the right reasons. Many have also claimed that they only took PSYC 101 for a GenEd requirement but ended up majoring/minoring in it because Dr. Loeb made them love the class. So go ahead and register for it, because there are tons of people fighting to be in her class!

Vedika Parikh

I write.

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