Almost every math based major be it business or economics or mathematics itself, has a prerequisite where you need to take STOR 155 to proceed to further classes. STOR 155 is the introduction to statistical modelling with an additional component of excel spreadsheet use. For most people, this class is easy but many find it challenging as well. If you belong to the later and need tips to become comfortable with this subject, follow the tips below!

1. Go To Class!

Recurring advice that literally everyone dishes out right? Well that’s because it’s SO IMPORTANT. Each class may have its own attendance policy but regardless of the policy, it is 100% recommended that you attended class because seeing someone actually solve a stats problem on board is so much more helpful than trying to figure out how to do it yourself. In addition, you can also benefit from the questions asked by other classmates (and a lot of students do since it is a small class size). Therefore, go to class!

2. Don’t Do the Homework Last Minute

Most STOR 155 classes use WebAssign (a homework software) to assign homework and that gives you 3 (or 5) tries depending on your teacher. So if you’re doing the homework last minute, since they’re mostly multiple choice questions, students are tempted to keep guessing till they hit the right answer. This is a bad idea because not only can your professor see how many questions you attempt and whether or not you’re trying hit-or-miss, but also because you’re not understanding the material taught in class. The weekly homework are meant to help you and one should definitely do them right.

3. Do the Homework on the Day of the Class

As mentioned above, it is not ideal to do the homework last minute, and that behaviour might get you to an average grade. But what will help you get to the top is doing the homework the same day it is assigned. Generally, most 155 professors assign homework on a topic after they are done with it in class. The best way approach here would be to go over the notes from the class right after it is over or that very evening, and then doing the homework right after. This enforces understanding and helps you get done with homework quicker.

4. Put effort Into Making the Help Sheets

Most STOR classes have regular quizzes and 1 midterm or a few quizzes and 2 midterms. Either way, one is generally allowed to take a sheet of hand-written notes front and back. Students usually call this the “cheat sheet” or the “help sheet” and this is basically the summary of all the material you covered before the test. A good tip here would be to make sure that you put in all the important formulas, and if space allows, push in some examples as well. This helps if you get thrown off by a question on the test and allows you to focus on the processing part of the exam instead of memorizing

5. Utilize the Office Hours

It can be tricky dealing with statistics if you are doing it for the first time. The concepts of probability and random variables may not be the most intuitive ones when taught for the first time. Hence, it is ALWAYS recommended that you make use of office hours to get help one-on-one with professors, where you may not be afraid to ask ‘silly questions’. In addition to that, you may develop a good relationship with the professor and who knows s/he may be able to write you a recommendation letter or source an internship for you.


To sum it up, even though it might be a fairly easy class at UNC, you could easily not worry too much and get a B/B- . But to get that A, effort is required and these are tried and tested methods that work for most students who take the course.

Vedika Parikh

I write.

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