What are flex points? They are university money that can be spent at most food places on campus. At Notre Dame, 1 flex = $1, and they are often included in your meal plan. So you find yourself at the end of the semester with  $400 in flex points left, and they don’t roll over, what are you going to do? Well, you could let it go to waste or you can follow these 5 easy steps and you will be on your way to a $0 balance.

Step 1: Buy before you think

Often times people always tell you to think before you buy so you can avoid those impulse purchases, well not in this case. Those spontaneous purchases are your friend. Feel like grabbing a bite, head over to Lafun for some Smashburger or pizza hut. Need a study break while at ClubHes? Head over to ABP for some warm chicken and avocado sandwich. If you start hearing that voice in your head saying, “do I really need to buy this item?” ignore it! Doing this will get you on your way to finishing all your flex points.

Step 2: Plan out your spending

If you love to plan, this step can be very useful to you. Take the number of flex points you have left then divide it by the days you have left to spend it. Set that value as your weekly/daily spending goal. If you don’t like planning, feel free to skip this step.

Step 3: Make someone’s day

If you’re standing in line about to order food, just pick a random person in line and ask them if you can pay for their meal. You will be surprised at how many people do this, and no one will turn down free food. So next time you are standing in a long line at Starbucks, make a stranger’s day by offering to pay for their drink. If you do not feel comfortable talking to a random stranger, offer to buy one of your friends some food.

Step 4: Help those who need it

The Huddle, also known as the university market, is a place where you can buy everyday essentials. So stop by on your way to Starbucks and buy some toiletries to donate to a nearby shelter. Not only do you get rid of your flex points, but you get to do a good deed.

Step 5: Buy Gift Cards

Einsteins at the Hammes bookstore allows you to use your flex points to buy gift cards. You can load your balance on them and use them next semester, or you can purchase several gift cards and give them as presents. Your friends and family will like the present, you will get to spend all your flex points, and you won’t have to worry about getting everyone a Christmas gift.


In following these steps you can assure that your flex points will not go to waste because in a way you paid for them through your tuition. And if you decide to hit up the huddle, make sure you do so before others get there.


Tracy Preko

My name is Tracy Preko and I am a student at the University of Notre Dame. My favorite hobbies include binge watching shows, trying new foods, and sleeping. The perfect trifecta.

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