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Every school has their own little quirks and hidden superstitions that most people don’t truly believe, but consciously always keep in mind. Notre Dame has a few that are pretty well-known throughout campus and are essential for every student to remember.

1. Never walk up the steps of the Main Building

The Main Building, otherwise known as the Golden Dome, is one of the most distinguishable buildings in campus. There are always people walking in and out of the building, but you will never see a student walking up the steps and using the main entrance. 100% of the time, you will see students walking around the building to use the side entrances located below. According to legend, walking up the main steps is as good as filling out a transfer form. You won’t graduate Notre Dame if you use these steps, better accept four years of side doors.

2. Don’t set foot in the grass of God Quad

Like the steps of the Main Building, the grass of God Quad is off-limits. God Quad is the area directly in front of the Golden Dome and under the watchful eye of the statue of Mary perched on top. Everywhere her gaze reaches, students stay off the grass. Rumor has it that stepping on the grass offends God and causes the unlucky student to fail Theology. Always remember where you are walking, especially when you can’t see too well at night!

3. Love under Lyons Arch

Lyons Hall is located on South Quad with a beautiful view of Saint Mary’s Lake, making it a go-to place for budding romances. Walking around at night with a significant other while enjoying the picturesque views seems like an ideal date. To top it off, Lyons Hall houses some of the best architecture with its arch. But this arch is more than it appears. Kissing a member of the opposite sex under this arch calls for the ringing of wedding bells. According to superstition, lip-locking under this arch will result in marriage. If you kiss your significant other here, better book the Basilica!

4. Long walks on the lakes

Again, like the Lyons Arch superstition, doing this will result in marriage. The two lakes next to Notre Dame calls for long, romantic walks with a significant other. Participating in this tradition requires more work than just a kiss under an arch. In this superstition, a couple who holds hands and walks around the Saint Mary’s Lake and Saint Joseph’s Lake in the path of a figure 8, they will stay together and end up wedded. If you have the resolve to walk all the way around both lakes, then you deserve to marry whoever is willing to accompany you.

Little traditions and superstitions are fun to have at any university. They may seem arbitrary and ridiculous, but that only adds to their appeal. These span across campus, so always keep these in mind. You can choose to believe them or not, but you will have no one to blame but yourself if you end up failing Theology with one misplaced step!


Sarah Hwang

Hi! I'm a freshman at Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering.

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