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Every student has that slight fear that the college of their choice isn’t really the place for them. If you’re not sure if you have completely acclimated to being part of the Fighting Irish, here are a few signs that will show that your home is truly under the Dome.

1. You always know exactly when it hits midnight

Like Cinderella, the clock striking twelve results in the end of the night. If you find yourself in a dorm room that you do not belong to, then you better leave before the RAs start their rounds. For those of you that don’t know, parietals exist at ND, meaning that midnight signals the end of visiting hours (at least Monday-Thursday). Being a Notre Dame student studying with a friend in a foreign dorm results in the constant eye on the time to ensure parietal adherence.

2. You love singing the Alma Mater

“LOOOOVE THEE NOOOTRE DAME” concludes every football game, accompanied by the entire student body swaying side-to-side, arms on shoulders. Win or lose, every ND fan shouts the lyrics of the beloved Alma Mater. Everyone participates and the real communal feel permeates through the stadium. Before the end of your freshman football season, you will know the Alma Mater word for word.

3. You have some choice words for Zahm House

At every Notre Dame football game, there are a plethora of chants and cheers that the entire stadium screams out. One of the most beloved involves the “Celtic Chant” in which every student, except those that live in Zahm House, shout “F you, Zahm” while those from Zahm raise their arms in an “X” formation. It’s many’s favorite cheer and truly a part of every game. You know you belong when you proudly take part in this chant.

4. You fiercely advocate for your dining hall

Of the two dining halls on campus, creatively named North Dining Hall and South Dining Hall, every person has their preference. It is custom to passionately claim that the dining hall closest to their dorm is superior. SDH has the traditional feel of the wooden tables and Harry Potter-esque set-up while NDH, with its new remodeling, is shiny and clean with brand-new tables and chairs. While the menu hardly differs between the two, each student will advocate that the food is better in their preferred hall. In reality, they are quite equal, but the discourse is entertaining.

5. You have strong feelings towards LimeBikes

The offensively bright LimeBikes have invaded campus. The concept is fantastic. Late to class and need a bike? Scan the barcode on any one of these LimeBikes, and you can pay a dollar to use it for 30 minutes. However, as a student a ND, you’ve probably had a poor experience with a LimeBike: can’t find any when you really need one, one or both of the pedals are gone, the handles are nonexistent, the wheel is crooked, you got one that has the double kickstand instead of the single, or the whole thing rattles so much that you think that it’ll fall apart from under you. These bikes are helpful, but more of a hassle the majority of the time.

Everyone will agree that Notre Dame welcomes all. The feeling of being out-of-place will quickly dissipate, and you will soon embrace every aspect of ND. Each person will share unforgettable experiences with you, and the best stories will be recalling these instances. If you relate to any of these, then you found your home.


Sarah Hwang

Hi! I'm a freshman at Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering.

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