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1. The first question you ask someone you meet is “What dorm do you live in?”

Let’s face it, you’ve probably blacklisted Alumni, you don’t want to walk to Carroll, and you’re jealous of anyone who lives in Dunne or Ryan. So you have to know where they live.

2. You didn’t realize that the permacloud was a real thing until you endured it for 7 consecutive months.

It’s not big fluffy clouds. It’s just a curtain covering the entire sky.

3. Parkas are a necessity. In the months of November, December, January, February, and March, if your coat doesn’t reach your knees, you’re crazy.

And yes, you will compare parkas. There is fashion in practicality.

4. It confuses you when your friends at other schools talk about having guys over late into the night.

“Wait… not every school has parietals?”

5. If you walk anywhere and don’t see a member of the clergy, it must be a Sunday and time for mass.

In your dorm, on bikes, teaching your classes. So you will behave yourself.

6. You start seeing clergy – everywhere.

“Father? Oh, you’re just wearing a black shirt. No collar.”

7. Service work is cooler than it’s ever been.

If you aren’t spending your summer volunteering, do you really go to ND?

8. A campus without construction… well, it’s not Notre Dame.

Rain or shine, below zero or under the scalding summer sun, something is being renovated. And it’s probably a few residence halls, a dining hall, and the stadium.

9. Football weekends are a marathon.

You’re expected to be up and ready to go by 9 am for a football game that doesn’t start until 7 pm, and you will be on your feet until at least midnight.


10. If you aren’t wearing Notre Dame gear, it’s probably laundry day.

Everyone wears ND gear all the time. And you wouldn’t dare wear something from another school.

11. On warm days, everyone is outside. All day.

If it’s been a long cold winter, no homework will be done when the temperature gets about 60 degrees.

12. You compete in at least one interhall sport. Not because you’re athletic, but because you genuinely love your dorm.

You might also drastically alter your appearance or walk around campus in a speedo to raise money for a charity. The things we do for our dorm.

13. You never thought you would learn all of the acronyms, but now no one from home understands you when you talk about school.

Lafun, SDH, Main, Debart, DPAC, DDH, OCS, AR… the list goes on and on.

14. On midnight after the first big snow of the winter, you know where to go.

There will be no reminder and no one will really be sure it’s happening until the snowballs begin to fly.

15. You don’t care if leaving the game early would be faster. You have to stay for the alma mater.

Because your heart forever will love thee Notre Dame!



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