Not the most diverse school in the world, Notre Dame has a few repeating characters. There’s nothing wrong if you fall into one of these categories, in fact, you could create a club to meet people just like you! Here are some recurring people that’ll appear.

1. The Chicagoan

“Hi, I’m from Chicago, the city.” You will likely meet one of the Chicagoans within the first 5 minutes that you step on campus. Easily the most represented group, you can easily distinguish them from their inability to pronounce “bag” correctly and their Patagonia jacket. They know everything about “the Bean” and deep dish pizza. They will call out anyone who’s actually from a suburb of Chicago, rather than the city and their name is probably Katie. (Ask about the “Katie from Chicago” Dance that Dillon held).

2. The Law Student

In case you’ve never noticed the extremely well-dressed students hurrying around campus, these are the law students. Always in a hurry, and always wearing crisp suits, these students are prepared and no-nonsense. If you choose to spend your time studying in the law library as many do, be ready to see many of these students studying the night away, likely judging your work ethic.

3. The one who’s never seen snow

Notre Dame has students from all over the country and the world, and many students enter having never seen snow before. These will be the underdressed people who break out their winter coats when it dips below 60. They will complain about the cold 24/7, but will be happier than a Notre Dame-accepted Rudy when the first snowfall hits. These will be the ones walking outside at midnight for the slightest chance at frozen precipitation and will still be filled with wonder at how the snow “just sticks like that?” They get sick of it soon enough though. Oh, and there will definitely be at least a few dome snow pics.

4. The Band Member

Housing the largest (volunteer-only) and oldest university band in the nation, Notre Dame prides its band. From early move-in days for band trials to athlete backpacks and tags, the band students are set apart from others. They will likely always be occupied with band practice and, for them, game days aren’t filled with the same tailgate culture as the rest of the university. They’ll soon grow tired of “oh, do you know ______ in band?” There are over 400 of them, they only know others within their own instrument group, okay?

5. The Student-Athlete

They ride around on blue scooters and have beautiful blue/gold athlete-issued shoes. The student-athlete at Notre Dame is showered in gear. Not sure if a person plays a sport for the school? Keep an eye out for the green or blue ND backpack with a tag stating the sport, or you can wait till winter when they break out their full-length athlete coats and show off the embroidery with their sport. They also will have little to no time for extra socialization between their practices and mandated tutoring sessions.

While these are mostly stereotypes and not every person who falls into these categories acts a particular way, it is entertaining to identify people by the characteristics they display. Every person gives off a certain vibe and these 5 types of people are some of the most obvious at ND.


Sarah Hwang

Hi! I'm a freshman at Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering.

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