Outfits 2

A way to express your individuality, each person has their own distinct style. However, at Notre Dame, there are a few outfits that you’ll see repeated often across campus. Not everyone is as unique as they seem.

1. The Dorm Rep Outfit

Usually hailing from Siegfried or Zahm, but not limited to the two, this outfits involves the insignia of your dorm that you brandish proudly. The people who constantly wear gear that represents their dorm make sure that everyone around them knows that they are a Howard duck or a BP babe. They wear sweatshirts, shirts, sweats, hats, and even fanny packs that have their dorm emblazoned across it. Who needs greek life when every person loves their dorm this much?

2. The Lab Outfit

Anyone in the STEM field knows exactly what clothes follow the PPE guidelines. This outfit involves not a single inch of skin showing (even in 70+ degree weather), to prevent the accidental chemical spill damage. No open-toed shoes, no leggings, this outfit is one of the most modest, and anyone can pinpoint lab-goers in the sweltering early autumns and late springs, especially if they’re on their way to Jordan Hall.

3. The Game Day-Ready

This outfit you will definitely see on Fridays and Saturdays during football season. It’s almost as if people are in competition to see who can wear the most ND apparel. The person who dons these clothes are filled with such anticipation for the upcoming game that they spend hours planning their outfit to support the Fighting Irish. Girls usually wear the classic shiny gold skirt with the shamrock face stickers, while guys wear official jerseys and blue/gold face paint. This is the loosest category as anything green, blue, or gold embodies the spirit of Notre Dame.

4. The Freshman Outfit

Every year, there are thousands of freshman that pour onto campus. These are easy to pick out, if only by their outfits. They  definitely will be swinging around a brand-new ND lanyard, and the glint of the rector-given medal will shine around their necks. They will have the latest MacBook (along with the free Beats) plastered with stickers to promote their individuality. They will put in the most effort for their clothes and will look the most put-together while the rest of the student body is past looking presentable.

In reality, no one really cares what you wear. Whether it be sweats and a hoodie or a suit and tie, most people won’t blink an eye. At Notre Dame, there is a culture around wearing an obscene amount of bright green at all times, but as long as you have at least one piece of clothing that has the ND logo, you’ll fit right in.


Sarah Hwang

Hi! I'm a freshman at Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering.

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