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The campus of Notre Dame is separated into 6 (technically 7) quads. Not all quads house dorms, but each quad has its own dynamic and personality. Each student has their own preference, but not all quads are created equal. Here are the quads ranked.

7. Far Quad

Okay, this hardly counts as a quad as there is exactly one building that is within its bounds: Carroll Hall. While these boys are lovely and all (though they may have weird hair-dyeing traditions), a single dorm cannot beat any of the other quads. They do get a beautiful view of the lakes, but they are so out of the way, and the only reason anyone would trek across campus to go there is for the legendary Carroll Christmas.


6. East Quad

Not really an official “quad” yet, the only two buildings on this quad are the newly built dorms Flaherty and Dunne. Though they will have two new additions within the next few years, which will put them up higher on the list, there is no personality formed quite yet. Most of the other dorms are jealous of the luxury hotel-esque buildings, the Dunne guys have a reputation of being a little strange while the Flaherty girls are trying to adapt to their new surroundings after having lived in Pangborn before.

5. Mod Quad

Short for “Modern Quad,” it seems quite ironic as it is the next oldest quad besides North/South quads. Though they do have the luxury of elevators and air conditioning, there is really not much going on in this quad. They may have the library to boast about, but, other than that, this quad is quite boring. The only saving grace is Knott Hall with their varieties of food they serve each night and deliver for free anywhere in Mod Quad.


4. West Quad

Known for the best air conditioning on campus, the newer buildings here brag about escaping the humidity in the autumn and spring. This quad is more south than South quad which makes no logical sense, and going anywhere but SDH is a trek. However, there is no individuality between the dorms, which means that you might believe you’re in Keough but actually you went too far and stepped into O’Neill. There is no way to truly tell them apart which causes them to be placed 4th.


3. South Quad

One of the original quads on campus, South Quad is the hub for not only dorms, but other buildings. Classic dorms such as Alumni and Dillon boast that they “are in the center of the universe.” Nothing is too out of the way if you live on this quad. The architecture and domineering size of South is tough to beat, and it is the best place to sit outside and work. The quad is perfect for tossing around a football or setting up a hammock. It is wide-open and beautiful and full of tradition.


2. North Quad

Another one of the OG quads, this is the counterpart to South. Again, saturated in tradition, this quad has some of the oldest dorms on campus. With well-known dorms such as Zahm (House, not Hall) and St. Ed’s, this quad is one of the most famous. This quad gets the edge over South because of its relation to not only NDH and LaFun, but the library is also near enough for a quick trek to study.


1. God Quad

Undoubtedly the best quad on campus, the Golden Dome shines bright over the entire quad. There are no dorms here, so no student can claim this quad as their own. Under the watchful eye of Mary (Notre Dame), not a single student steps in the grass of God Quad, or else they’ll fail Theology. Not only the most beautiful dorm on campus, it also is the most famous. Easily the most recognizable with the statue of Jesus with his arms open, along with the Main Building shining even on cloudy days, God Quad is ranked number one out of all the quads on campus.


There is not as much of an argument across campus concerning the quads, but each person harbors a little pride with the quad they reside in. However, no matter what dorm you live in, you know that the best quad on campus across all categories (whether it be location, beauty, or tradition) is God Quad.


Sarah Hwang

Hi! I'm a freshman at Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering.

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