Winter break probably flew by like most breaks, but before you rush Home Under the Dome, there are five things you should keep in mind and pack before your return for the Spring semester. You may think you know it all by now, but here are tips to make your journey back easier and to get you in shape before the rush begins once again.

1) It’s cold.

No, it’s not what you just experienced during the fall semester— that was nothing compared to the probable polar vortex you’ll experience during January and February. Before packing for Spring break, how about packing an extra thick parka or heavy duty coat for those long walks from your dorm to North Dining Hall, one that can withstand negative 25 degree weather. It’s also recommended that you buy insulating leggings for girls and tops for guys that you can wear underneath your clothing for that extra layer of protection. It’s going to be a rough one.

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2) There’s lots of snow too.

The weather in South Bend is its own kind of monster, but if the wind doesn’t get you, the snow will. The Spring semester will be a time to make life-sized snowmen on South quad, but to do so, remember to switch out your Hunter rain boots for some winter ones to trudge through the feet deep of snow that you’ll encounter throughout the worst of the winter.

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3) Speaking of Spring Break…

Before returning, remember to bring a bathing suit and other beach essentials because most students plan a weeklong trip with their crew to the Bahamas or Disney. By the way, don’t procrastinate too long before gathering a few friends and buying those tickets. The second semester will slip past quickly!

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4) Returning to campus!

It was probably most economical for you to fly into O’Hare or Midway in Chicago and while there are shuttles connecting the two and a Coach bus that takes you directly to the Bookstore, there are also other options you should look into. The train is much cheaper and for around $13, you can take it to the South Bend International Airport. This will take a bit of time, too, but if you don’t want to shell out the $42 and four hours for the bus, it’s a good alternative. The best option really is Uber splitting with two to three other students. Depending on how many students you find to split with, the total comes out to be cheaper than either the two previous options, not to mention the extra convenience and time saved when it’s a direct drive.

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5) Formals.

Yes, if SYRs weren’t enough, you’re looking at least one formal per each of our 30 undergraduate dorms for men and women. So, pack your fancy gowns and tuxes with you before coming! Including some bling in there wouldn’t be a bad idea either since there will be plenty of quirky dances all semester.

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Well, hopefully you’ve packed and planned for these things because even though you just had one more semester of experience in your back pocket, the Spring semester poses its own challenges and offerings. So, safe travels as you make your way back for another rouND! See you all very soon!



Grace Chow

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