It’s the end of a long week, and you want to have some time for yourself. But, you’re not a party animal because well, you just don’t have the energy for that anymore. South Bend is renowned for having nothing to do, but there are a few gems in the community to go to even on a Sunday.

1) Take a Walk Downtown

As college students, getting caught in the bubble might become taxing and suffocating. When you’ve reached your limit of milling around twenty year olds all day, try stepping off campus for a bit and taking a walk through downtown. There are a lot of cute boutique shops left and right that are family owned. Just stop by and go in; you might even be able to treat yourself to a nice gift this Sunday.

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2) Wine Tour

If you’re a wine kind of gal or guy, then trying out the wine tour is a great way to spend an evening. Normally, these tours only last for a few hours. It’s a good time for you to spend meeting new friends and sipping on local wine. The tour takes you to some of the best wine shops and local wineries that also advise on food pairings for your wine. This is a great way to become a bit more sophisticated and show off to your friends how knowledgeable you’ve become.

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3) Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday morning, South Bend hosts a Farmers Market that hosts over 50 local vendors selling their fresh produce and homemade goods. You will see everything from veggies, to soaps, to cheeses, to even hand carved wooden pens. Get a small group together and spend a morning roaming the stalls and trying local goods and sweets. Some favorites include honey made locally and bubble tea for those looking for a cold drink.

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4) Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is mainly known for it’s night scene, but if you’re the adventurous type, going down underneath the bridge is also a sight to see. It is a great place for a photoshoot with the girls because it overlooks the mini waterfall and includes some hipster alleys leading around the Riverwalk for you to take your time snapping those pictures from all different angles. You won’t need to worry about bothering anyone or getting judged for sure!

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5) Mass at the Basilica

Okay, yes, you go to a Catholic school and it’s overwhelmingly Catholic. And, you might like stopping in for dorm masses, but there is nothing like mass at the Basilica. All types of people are welcome and normally the Basilica is full with local families, faculty, and many students who share some time together in prayer and worship. There is no place that sings together is full voice and faith than those who enter the Basilica.

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We all know that Sunday is a day for cramming in those assignments and making amends for your procrastination for the week. However, don’t just waste it sitting around trying to do work. Allot some time off campus or away from your academics and spend it with your friends. There’s a lot to explore in South Bend and a warm Sunday morning is a great way time to experience it all.


Grace Chow

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