Studying can be a chore, but doing your work somewhere amazing can make it better. The University of Oklahoma has some fantastic places to work on homework; here are a few of the best ones:

The Schooner Room

The Schooner Room

Modeled after a pub near Oxford, the Schooner room in the Union is an excellent place to study. It’s isolated while at the same time full of people: perfect for either studying by yourself or with friends. Sometimes it can be hard to find a booth–try going late in the evening, during the afternoon, or in the morning, when people are less likely to be eating there so that you can get a spot.

The South Oval

The South Oval

If the weather is nice enough, one of the greatest places to study is on a bench in the south oval. There are lots of benches, some under trees, some nearby flowers or sitting near a fountain. It’s a beautiful place to be, and an ideal spot for people-watching if the weight of your homework becomes too much. When the flowers are blooming and the breeze hits you just right…perfection.

The Biz

the library

The library is an obvious spot for studying, but good nonetheless. With Starbucks a floor below and all the resources you need for your paper on the floors above, what reason would you have to go anywhere else?

The Union Courtyard

the union courtyard

Tucked away between the walls of the Union is a gorgeous courtyard that is fantastic for studying (as long as the sun is shining). The courtyard feels as though it’s isolated from everything else but isn’t hard to get to, unlike the courtyard in Catlett. Plus, if you get hungry, food is just a few steps inside.

The Great Reading Room

the great reading room: good place for studying

One of the most famous (and also most photographed) places to study at the University of Oklahoma is the Great Reading Room in the library. It is the most quiet place on campus, ideal for anyone who gets distracted easily, and absolutely gorgeous.

statue of a guy chilling


Whatever your study habits, the University of Oklahoma has somewhere that’s perfect for you! Whether it’s in the library, the Union, or outside, there is an ideal spot for you to get your homework done.


Adelaide Risberg

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