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Where to eat is an important question every student with a meal plan has to ask themselves each day. Thankfully, the University of Oklahoma has plenty of delicious options to choose from! Here are a few of the best and most popular:

The Caf


The Couch Restaurants, nicknamed The Caf, is situated nearby the dorms. The Caf has the most variety of any place on campus (14 different restaurant concepts) and the only all-you-can-eat Chick-fil-A in the nation, but it takes a meal swipe to get in. Once you’re in, you can eat as much as you like from any or all of the restaurants.

Cate Main

where to eat--taco mayo

Cate Main has five options inside: Ruthie’s, Roscoe’s, Taco Mayo, O’Henry’s, and Oliver’s. Together, these restaurants allow students to choose between all day breakfast, churros, soups, sushi, pastries, tacos, and burgers all in one building that’s relatively in-between the dorms and the academic buildings.

Couch Express

grilled cheese

Couch Express is perfect for something quick and close by if you don’t have a lot of time to eat. Situated at the bottom of the Couch dorm, it offers a variety of simple and undeniably delicious food. The best thing there is definitely the pizza grilled cheese.



Similar to Couch Express, Xcetera is at the bottom of a dorm. Based in Walker, Xcetera is more like a convenience store than a restaurant but has plenty of options for a quick meal. You can get nearly anything there, from sushi to fruit cups to popcorn and candy. If you wanted to have lunch in your dorm or dinner outside on the swings in the Walker-Adams Mall, Xcetera’s got the perfect snack food options to make that happen.

The Union

where to eat-chickfila

The Oklahoma Memorial Union Food Court has five options: Quiznos, The Laughing Tomato (which serves healthier options), Freshens (which serves smoothies and fresh fruit) Chick-fil-a, and, Baja Fresh (which is very similar to Chipotle). Also there is the Union Market, where many similar things to Xcetera are available, as well as a hot bar and salad options.

Wherever you go, enjoy your food!


Adelaide Risberg

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