“Beware of the freshman 15”. One of the first things older friends tell you after their first semester at school: The freshman 15 is real. While not sleeping, drinking tons alcohol and eating out for every meal sounds like a ton of fun, weight gain isn’t. A few easy tips for any freshman: save calories for your drinks if you are going to go out, sleep (it’s important for a lot of reasons), and try to find healthier options at the dining hall. At the University of Oklahoma, the food is great, which sucks, but rocks at the same time. The same can be said with our gym, the Huff or Sarkey’s. Take advantage of them both! Here are your best options to maintain your figure and muscle concerning OU dining!

1. Oklahoma Memorial Union

The union has some great dining options to keep you in shape.  The Laughing Tomato has yummy wraps, soups, salads, and pitas for healthy eating. At the Union, there is also a Quiznos and the Union Market where you can make your own salad. Most importantly (to OU students especially), the Union is home to Chik-Fil-A. Chik-Fil-A has many healthy options, such as salads, fruit and grilled chicken sandwiches. (You’ll always have to wait in a line, though!)

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2. The (NEW!) Walker Kitchen

In one of the dorms, Walker, a new kitchen was just built for the students. Any student, whether you live in Walker or another dorm, can bring their own ingredients and cook there. It has a stove top, oven, bowls, and a mixer. Anything you need to cook; you can find it in this kitchen. All of the appliances are new and made for chefs. Say goodbye to eating out for every meal and cook a healthy dinner for yourself and your friends instead!

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3. The Caf

The Caf is mesmerizing the first time you walk in. There are so many options. The salad bar has any veggie you could imagine. The fruit is really good! For dessert, there is a Freshens that serves frozen yogurt which is a really good alternative to the hot chocolate cobbler that is so amazing but soooo bad for you.

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4. Cate

Cate has some great food options that are mostly super bad for you- Taco Mayo is my kryptonite. Fortunately, there is a sandwich and soup restaurant, O’Henrys, that has a salad bar and great sandwiches that you can pile veggies onto!

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5. Campus Runs

 It’s also important that you workout! Good thing that we have a beautiful campus, stadium and gym! One favorite running spot is around South Oval. OU has a beautiful campus that running around is so fun. All of our brick and stone buildings leave for a great view to run in.

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6. The Most Beautiful Football Stadium in the World

As proud football lovers at the University of Oklahoma, the stadium matches our huge love of football. The stadium has hours that you are able to go in, sit and admire or run the stairs. Running the stadium stairs is a lot of fun, and should definitely be on your bucket list, even if you don’t care about the freshman 15!

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7. The Huff/ Sarkey’s Fitness Center

The University recently renovated the gym. It is a two story gym with 8 basketball courts, rooms to play tennis, a cardio room, and tons of machines to work with. The Huff is often busy, but with all of the space and stuff to do, you’ll always have something you can do!

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As long as workout a couple times a week and eat okay (instead of eating Chik-Fil-A twice a day), you’ll avoid that freshman 15 at OU! Eating yummy foods is okay sometimes, but just remember to eat it in moderate. That’s the hardest part. (Don’t forget that alcohol has a lot of calories too!)  It may seem hard to find time to go to the gym, but it’s worth it! Fight the freshman 15 at OU with these tips!


Taylor Crossley

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