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When at university, you gotta eat from the dining halls. It’s a part of the experience. Even if that means coming in with a dietary restriction, such as being vegetarian. It is common to know someone who is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or kosher. The University of Oregon has no shortage of diverse eaters, so the dining halls rise to meet demands.

4. Grab and Go in Hamilton

The Grab and Go located in Hamilton’s dining has amazing vegetarian options. With a frozen section containing popular dishes and a dry goods area. From pot-pies to veggie chips and hummus, you can get a well-balanced meal for all times of the day.

3. The LLC’s Sandwich Bar

In the LLC North’s dining area, there’s a great small sandwich bar. With pre-made sandwiches, sides and a build your own sandwich option, there are amazing possibilities. Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich and some warm tomato soup once in the while, an iconic meal at the UofO?

2. The Pasta Bar at Fresh in Global Scholar’s Hall

Located on the ground floor of Global Scholar’s Hall, the Fresh market has the Pasta bar and Deli. Much like LLC’s sandwich bar, here you can have a pre-made pasta or a build your own bowl of pasta with breads on the side. There is a large selection of sauces, noodle types and vegetables to add to your pasta. With some vegetarian Parmesan on the side, it’s a dish to definitely make you smile.

1. Carson Dining

Carson’s dining contains an all you can eat buffet. With a salad bar, sandwich bar, fruit bar, daily soup, pizza and a main dish of the day, it’s a dream. Complete with drinks of coffee, cappuccinos, tea, juice and pop, along with deserts and soft serve. It’s a college kid’s dream with all the variety and new things to try. Beware, eating here may lead you to the rec center to work off that freshman 15.


University has so many choices and places to get whatever kind of food your craving. It’ll definitely be hard to choose what to have. So here’s to hoping that you don’t get too tired of dorm food.


Jenna Peden-Higgins

Hi, I'm Jenna. I go to the University of Oregon and am an Anthropology major. I have spent my entire life in Oregon, so I'm ready to start some adventures.

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