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College orientation can be an exciting, scary, and eye-opening experience all at once! At the University of Oregon, Introducktion is no exception, and it can be overwhelming at times. Here are 5 things about orientation at the UO that will help you prepare for what’s to come.

Register early 

If possible, try to register and attend an early Introducktion! This is important to do because you have a better chance at getting the classes you want when registering for your courses during Introducktion. In addition, there will most likely be more people there, so it’s a great opportunity to meet some new friends! The spots fill up fast for the early Introducktion dates, so it’s important to register as soon as possible.

Pay attention to your schedule

Before you arrive to Introducktion, be sure to download the Be A Duck app. The app contains the schedule for both days, which gives you an idea of what to expect. There are also information sessions that pertain to certain interests, such as studying abroad, that you can go check out. You will also be handed a card with your advising appointment time, which you do not want to miss. Overall, make sure to make a mental note of all the activities you want to do, so you can be sure to make them on time.


Mingle with your flock

At the beginning of Introducktion, you’ll be split into groups of about 10-20 people with a Flock leader. Throughout the day, there will be multiple flock meetings, in which everyone in the group will get together and play a few icebreakers, ask questions, and basically get to know each other. Even though it might be a bit awkward, mingling with your flock is a great opportunity to make some connections before school starts. Don’t be afraid to ask your Flock leader questions either! It’s really helpful to get advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of the school.


Stay with your group 

One really important thing to remember is to stay with your group! Some activities are mandatory, so if you don’t show up, there will be definite consequences. Although it might be tempting to stray away and do your own thing, it’s best to follow instructions and stick with your leader. Plus, you might miss out on some crucial information!


Take advantage of free time

Be prepared for a lot of activities the first day of Introducktion. You’ll be going to events with your flock for the majority of the day, so don’t expect to have a ton of spare time. However, the second day is a lot more relaxed. You’ll have way more freedom, and really get the chance to explore campus. Here’s when you should take advantage of your free time, and map out your classes, so you know exactly where to go on your first day of school!


That’s a lot of information, but hopefully, you have a better idea now of what orientation is like at University of Oregon. There’ll be a lot to take in, but it should get you excited for college! Just remember to breathe, and enjoy your first days as part of the Duck family!


Emily Yang

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