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The Pacific Northwest has its own lingo, by far. Along with that, just the norms of the people around are unique. Much like filbert versus hazelnut, or is it pronounced care-a-mel or car-mel, it is all about where you are from. So when you get to the University of Oregon campus, here are five things you will definitely hear from the locals and what they mean.

1. “I-5 was packed!”

This is common, I-5 is normally packed if it’s a weekend, holiday, rush hour, in the morning, in the afternoon, evening. Pretty much all the time. As for I-5, it’s Interstate-5. I-5 runs down the west coast, it hits all the major cities. Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salem, Eugene and down into California. Around campus, you may hear it also called “the 5”, but that’s wrong on so many levels, that what Californians call I-5, but since this is Oregon, we call it how it is.


2. “Why is it so sunny? I miss the rain.”

Natural born Oregonians love the rain. It’s the lifeblood of the people, it’s what keeps the grass green, the trees tall and the sidewalks mossy. Without the rain, Oregonians get antsy. Not to mention, with the bad forest fires that occurs over the summer, Oregon needs its rain.


3. “You Haven’t Seen ‘Animal House’?”

‘Animal House’ is the school’s movie. Being filmed on and around campus, you will definitely see some familiar sights. With that, it’s obvious that kids on campus have seen it. Watching ‘Animal House’ is almost the initiation into the UofO, it is a part of what makes the students true Ducks.


4. “Let Me Grab My Flip Flops and a Hoodie.”

The weather in Oregon to say the least is bi-polar. It can be sunny, rainy, hail and be amazingingly windy all in a day in Oregon. So people have got to be ready and dress to the weather, meaning a pull over UofO hoodie and some sandals or slides and socks. Honestly, this may be the uniform for Oregonians, rain or shine.


Sko Ducks, the iconic phrase for all Duck fans. On game day you can yell it anywhere in Eugene and be sure to get a reply. The same goes for on campus almost every time you call “Sko Ducks”, you’ll get a few replies. This is a must know for coming to campus if you are going to pick up any of these phrases.


In Oregon, we say some weird things. It’s what makes us here so interesting to newcomers. People may get confused when the first come, but surely it’ll come to them and they can talk like Oregonians to.


Jenna Peden-Higgins

Hi, I'm Jenna. I go to the University of Oregon and am an Anthropology major. I have spent my entire life in Oregon, so I'm ready to start some adventures.

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