1. Football Is A Religion

It doesn’t matter if the team is bad or good in a given year. Everyone knows more or less everything about the University of Oregon football team, more than half of the people know everything about the PAC-12, and either way everyone is crazy about this sport. The games are loud, the passion is insane, and the student athletes are heralded like heroes. It’s a little over the top, but go to a game and you’ll see why.

2. Rec Is Life

The Rec Center, which is essentially the gym, went through quite the renovation a few years ago, and with epic results. A solid majority of students have at least one activity in here every week, with some people devoting a few hours every day to this place. From having something like twelve basketball courts to boasting an Olympic sized swimming pool, that’s how it is at an athletic school. Everyone loves athletics and everyone is at least a little bit athletic.

3. We Have All Four Seasons… In One Day!


The title more or less says it all. Here in Eugene, OR, it isn’t uncommon to start the day extremely rainy, followed by nice hot sun, followed by crazy wind or more rain or even some hail or snow when it’s Winter. That said, when there is consistency, it’s in the miserable Winters or beautiful yet dry summers. Anyone who goes here knows to check the whole forecast for the day, not just the current one.

4. Sizzle Pie Is Dank


There are a lot of phenomenal pizza places here. Pegasus, which boasts a supermassive pizza. Falling Sky, which is in the center of campus. Etc. But Sizzle Pie seems to be a student favorite, and for good reason. By the slice, this phenomenal pizza is consistently recommended by students at the UO. Plus, it happens to be downtown, near a bunch of other really cool stuff. The beer isn’t bad either.

5. No Uber


Somehow, uber ended up getting banned in Eugene. The result is that getting places is just a tad more difficult, requiring having a designated driver, a car yourself, or just sucking it up and planning to walk or take the bus. At the very least, you’ll get some good exercise whenever you go party hopping.

6. Cheap Drinks


On the other hand, bar drinks are cheap if you know where to go and when. Taylor’s has $2 well drinks from 9-12 on Thursdays and Rennie’s has half off well drinks and beer from 8 onward on Fridays. Pretty sweet deal if you’re looking to just pregame a little bit or if you don’t want to spend too much on your alcohol.

7. Online Classes Are Awesome

The University of Oregon boasts a solid number of fantastic online classes. Some people can finish entire prerequisites for their major exclusively online. Fast, easy, and efficient, the online classes offered by the University of Oregon show a willingness to be modern about how classrooms are handled.

8. Blackboard Is Better


Once upon a time we had this really great online system for classes called blackboard. Fastforward a little, and for the last couple of years we’ve been using a different site called Canvas. Canvas is a total trainwreck and half of the teachers can’t figure it out at all. Oh, Blackboard… We took you for granted.

9. Duck Store Makes You Feel Poor


The prices in the duck store are insane. Just a tank top can be as high as $28. Provided it has the O on it or the Nike logo, bets are that the stuff you’re buying is pricey. That said, they actually give out free stuff at a lot of the football games, which is yet another reason to go to them! Hang around at all the public events long enough, and soon, without paying a cent, you’ll have a whole wardrobe of school-spirit-related stuff.

10. Shasta Lake Is Hype

Anyone who goes to the U of O is well aware that when it comes to a weekend of fun, Shasta is an unbeatable trip. Dazzling blue water, great hiking and other outdoor activities, and plenty to talk about after you’ve gotten back. Bring a few cases of beer and maybe some hard liquor and you’ve got yourself a wonderful short term vacation. That said, be sure to clean up after yourself when you leave!

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