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The University of Oregon has a variety of dining options. Students can choose from buffet-style food, Mexican, hamburgers, salads, and more. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose where to eat. It is also pretty easy to be unaware of what a dining hall offers, and what is best there. Here are some insider reviews and rates on U of O‘s best dining locations.

Carson Hall


Carson Hall is the largest dining hall on campus, and offers a variety of different food. It is buffet style, and you can grab as much food as you want. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On weekends, Carson Hall serves a special brunch, which offers exceptional French toast, pancakes, and more. If you are more hungry than usual, or looking for a variety, go to Carson.


Dux Bistro


Dux Bistro is known for its outstanding salad bar, sandwiches, and café. There are a variety of options here, and it great if you are looking to eat healthy. There is a dining area, with booths, and tables. Sometimes the salad line will be large, so you must not go at rush hour, if you don’t want a huge line. There are also to-go options here, so Dux Bistro is great if you are on the run.


Big Mouth Burrito


Big Mouth Burrito is like Chipotle. To get your food, you go through a line and choose what you want as far as meat, rice, sauce, and all the other needed options for your burrito or quesadilla. There are a variety of places where you can sit and eat. Big Mouth Burrito is a quick option, unless you come at rush hour.


Common Grounds Café


Common Grounds Café is located inside Hamilton hall. It is one of the most popular hangout spots for students, on campus. There are booths, and tables to sit and hang out, or study at. Common Grounds is best known for its coffee, smoothies, and smaller food options, such as sandwiches, and fruit bowls. It is a great place to relax, hangout, listen to music, and eat/drink.


Fire ‘n’ Spice


Fire ‘n’ Spice is popular with students on campus. They offer rice bowls and noodle bowls, and you can fill (on your own) with vegetables, and sauces. After you fill your bowl, the chefs will cook your bowl with your choice of meat. It is good and unique, but often has a long wait.


There is not a lack of options at the University of Oregon. It is difficult to get sick of the food options, and there is always something new to try. Studying can be hard on an empty stomach. The U of O made it easy for students to have plenty of options while they are hard at work, or looking for a place to relax.


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