Like most places, the University of Oregon has its own legends to go with the area. With ghosts, ghouls and some interesting characters, you can definitely go on a tour of the Haunted University of Oregon. Ask anyone on campus and they can tell you about some spooky stuff that has happened. While some of these stories are less known, UofO students and alums are able to back these up as events from campus.

Umbrella Stealing Knomes

In the residence halls on campus, there are common rooms. Knowing our campus, a majority of the buildings are old and the university just renovates them, but not all. The older residence halls home Knomes according to many upperclassmen. Normally they leave the students alone to do their homework and whatever it is they’re doing. Although, when the rainy season hits (Fall to Spring), most people start carrying their umbrellas around. As you can probably tell from the header, these Knomes like to steal umbrellas. Where they go, no one knows. A few are found around campus later in Spring or in basements of their buildings. No one has seen the Knomes but sometimes they can be heard late at night carrying an unsuspecting victim’s umbrella.

Steven from Hamilton

Barking at 4:30 am. Most Hamilton residents can hear it. Steven runs around taunting people with the smell of wet dog and the patter of footsteps wondering around. Steven being the ghost that wonders around Hamilton hall. Although something is special about Steven, they’re a dog. Loads of people around have seen paw prints in the hallways, common areas and around the paths by Hamilton. Nothing bad has come from seeing Steven, and many think nothing bad will.

Hail the Squirrels

Now for the creepy cult part of our day. The Squirrel Cult that resides at the UofO is one of many yet the oddest. It’s a very hush-hush group of people who tend to like squirrels. So much that they worship them in a sense, by performing interesting rituals on said squirrels. It’s thought by many that said rituals turn the squirrels mean, throwing nuts and many things at students when they’re walking by. Also, there have been sightings of squirrels that have unnatural red eyes. No, the squirrels aren’t albino but just interesting looking.

Meet Mandrake

The old mascot for the University of Oregon was a duck named Mandrake. The school got rid of him since he was not a favorite for sports fans. So it was agreed that he was retired. Although, sometimes by Autzen Stadium, in the dead of night, you can see a figure that looks a lot like Mandrake. It’s obvious to see it’s him from the shape of his head.  No one has ever seen him more than once, so those who have seen him are a little wary of their claims. If you only see him once is he really there?

The Carson Ghost

Students living in the D wing on the second floor of Carson hall have been waking up with odd bruises on their legs. You can hear people going in and out of the bathroom in the wing, while no ones there. The automatic paper dispenser goes off while no one is there. So the ghost living in D wing likes to definitely use the restroom and mess with the residents. Occasionally lights will go off, there are scratching noises and knocking on some of the walls. Be ready for an interesting time if you get the chance to live in Carson’s D wing.

Deady Hall

1893, the founding year of Deady Hall. During construction, they found several unmarked graves. After many tests with anthropologists, they were able to figure out who it was buried there. Many people have seen a ghost of a man in the basement with reddish-brown hair. Some think it’s the man who hung the noose in the attic of Deady Hall. The ghost is ready to talk to anyone and tell them of the noose. With all the interesting characters around and the history of Deady Hall; there are countless of ways in which Deady Hall is haunted.

The University of Oregon has a lot going on when it comes to urban legends. Things that make your spine tingle and leave you thinking about what’s going on around you. If it comes up that you’re not so sure if it’s your neighbors being loud or the resident ghost, just make sure to keep your mind open to the possibilities.


Jenna Peden-Higgins

Hi, I'm Jenna. I am an Anthropology major. I have spent my entire life in Oregon, so I'm ready to start some adventures.

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