While the University of Oregon campus is a diverse experience on its own; you can’t help but think that most the students fit into some categories. So we are going to generalize the student body to fit these eight types of students that you are sure to meet at the UofO.

1. The Busy Body

We all know someone who is non-stop, always going. They have a billion and one things on their to-do list that they spilled their coffee on. If you see them without anything to do, be surprised because that rarely happens. Better believe they are generally stressed out and know that they have a ton on their plate, but the catch is that they can get everything done. It’s a miracle.

2.  The Know-It-All

Think of that person who always knows what they’re talking about. It’s that annoying person from high school all over again who asks the obvious questions and won’t let you get through your lecture because they know more than the professor of course. Don’t bother asking them for help with your homework because generally, they’re useless.

3. The Genius

Not to be mistaken for the ‘Know-It-All’ type, the Genius is actually smart and won’t show off a ton. They’re normally ready to help you with your lecture notes and math homework, and won’t be assholes about it. The Genius will also be prepared for anything school related; highlighters, note cards, page flags – they are ready for anything and bring extra because they know that some people won’t bother.

4. The Old Man

They go to bed at 11 pm, don’t like noises and dress for comfort, the ‘Old Man’ friend tends to play it safe. They enjoy the simpler things in life, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. They are always there when you want a cozy night in to watch Netflix and have some snacks. Although, beware, if they get less than 9 hours of sleep they’ll probably be cranky with you and throw heavy shade about keeping them up.

5. The Always-Hungover One

You see them every night getting lit with friends, going out or just drinking in their rooms. While they drink a ton, sometimes they aren’t hungover the next day, but you know those days where they wake up with that headache and sour stomach. Time for the odd hangover cures, but they work since you see them drinking away the night again. You won’t catch them complaining though, no one has to know that they had a bit too much.

6. The Artist

Everyone knows that one kid who says they can’t draw but then whips out some Picasso drawings. They doodle all over anything and everything, have way cool drawings up in their room and will probably have an Insta dedicated to art. They’ll probably have a sketchbook in their bags, ready to get out with every new inspiration that they see. Just be wary if you fall for an artist, because they can be indecisive and temperamental most the time.

7. The Greek Life Obsessed

School spirit and definitely frat or sorority pride. With their branded shirts, pants, hoodies, mugs and whatever else they can get screen printed, you will so see the ‘Greek Life Obsessed’. You’ll hear them bring up their house and their sisters and brothers, just so know that they’re involved in greek life. You probably can’t get through a conversation without them bringing it up and making some kind of deal about how it’s a great bonding experience and how many parties they have been to. They’re hard to miss and plenty of them.

8. The Gay One

Where do we start, normally found in packs with other members of the LGBTQA3+ community, wearing some sort of rainbow or pride flag, or just looking on fleek, you can tell who the gay one is. The University of Oregon has no shortage of people apart of the LGBTQA3+ community, so don’t be surprised if you happen to know a member. Eugene is an amazing and accepting place for people on the spectrum so be ready to have a voice in your community that some people may not be used to.

The University of Oregon has so many students, and while not all of them will fit into these descriptions, you will make so many new and interesting friends. With adventures that will last you a lifetime and friends that will hopefully last just as long. We may all be different, but know that we all have one thing in common: We are all broke.


Jenna Peden-Higgins

Hi, I'm Jenna. I am an Anthropology major. I have spent my entire life in Oregon, so I'm ready to start some adventures.

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