Between school, having a social life, going to clubs and making sure you have time to eat, it’s common that you’re going to lose some sleep. Don’t worry too much though, there are tons of amazing, peaceful places to nap on campus. With couches and comfy seats everywhere, it’s no wonder people just want to curl up and take a nap. Be ready to catch up on a good hour or two of sleep in these 7 comfy places to nap.

1. The Common Rooms

They’re in all of the residential buildings and normally full of couches and chairs that are perfect to take a quick nap before class. Also, your friends can hang and do whatever while you sleep and make sure you’re up in time for class. Beware, face doodles are a real danger when you are around your friends while your sleeping. They’re perfect to for when you are studying and just need a moment to “rest your eyes”.

2. Library

It’s quiet, no one is going to bother you, you can spread out some, the Knight Library on campus is a great place to go and take a nap if you need to. The further up the floors you go, the quieter it gets. You can take a small 30min power nap while studying for finals or just to sleep around all the books. With the comfy chairs and endless desk space, the library is an amazing place to just have a peaceful nap without any interruptions.

3. The Ducknest

With the chill vibes and good smelling stuff, the Ducknest is a great place on campus to take a minute to self-care and just nap some. That’s kinda what it’s there for. With tea, nice lighting and just having a chill time, it’s no wonder that someone would want to nap there and it’s way okay. They would be more than happy to let you curl up on a soft rug and sleep some with some nice pillows. Then when you wake up you can grab some candy and be on your way.

4. McKenzie Hall

McKenzie Hall has amazingly soft couches and is always quiet. With scenery of the nearby street-side and lots of trees, it’s a great place to just go, have a cup of coffee and chill. It’s on the edge of campus so you can find lots of people to watch walk by and definitely see some cute animals. Besides, with how spacious it is and how busy people will be getting to class, it’s unlikely you’ll be disturbed by people wanting to sit and chat with you.

5. In Class

Let’s all be honest here, it’s bound to happen. That one 8am you decide to take is going to get to you sometime, especially if it’s a lecture. People get bored, may as well take a quick nap and get the notes from a friend. Just try not to sit too close to the front when you do. It’s a little bit of common knowledge that professors don’t like it when their students fall asleep in class, so don’t get caught.

6. The Big Chair of the EMU

On the second floor of the EMU, there is a large chair and it is the perfect napping spot. While it’s normally taken by someone studying or already asleep. You can fit about three people in the seat of the chair, so you may as well have a sleepover in the chair. Get some of your close friends and go enjoy a nap together.

7. Hammocks by the EMU

In the fall and spring, if it’s warm out, there are normally hammocks set up outside of the EMU on the green. It’s the perfect excuse to get some well-needed rest in and definitely some good sunlight. It’s common to find people taking some naps in the hammocks, it’s finding a free hammock that’s the problem.

Sleep is important while you are in school. And while you are in college, it’s known that you’re going to need to take a nap eventually. So why waste your time trying to find some lame excuse for a place to nap when you have this whole list of options now. Sweet dreams.


Jenna Peden-Higgins

Hi, I'm Jenna. I am an Anthropology major. I have spent my entire life in Oregon, so I'm ready to start some adventures.

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