The 24/7 dining hall at uOttawa can seem like a magical place during the first week, but if you are a student with a mandatory meal plan- you know it only goes downhill from there. Here’s a list of the things every uOttawa student has thought at least once while in the cafeteria:
1.“Oh look, it’s hot dog and pizza day…again.”

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Pizza day isn’t as exciting when it’s the fourth one that week.

2.) “Where is the international food even supposed to be from…?”

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The assortment of rice and meats always leaves us questioning where it’s originated from, and what the difference is between all of the other food.


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It’s a miracle for the ice cream machine to actually be in order.

4.) “I’m definitely not pressing the happy face button today.”

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We’ve all at least once walked by the happy-or-not machine, and aggressively hit the angry face button for dramatic affect.

5.) “Must. Avoid. lunch at 1:00 P.M.”

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All hell breaks loose once those 11:30 classes are over.

6.) When the vegetarian option for burgers and fries… is the fries.

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“Guess I’m having salad for dinner AND lunch today.”

7.) “I should try cooking something in the My Pantry kitchen!”

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*Walks right by it*

Maybe next week.

8.) Nothing beats 3:00 A.M. french fry runs.

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There truly is nothing that satisfies late-night munchies more.

9.) Drinking your body weight in chocolate milk.

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The unlimited supply makes it all the more appealing. You can never get enough calcium, right?

10.) They save all of the good food for tours. 

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It only gets worse from there, folks. I can assure you the extravagant fruit displays, and selections of artesianal appetizers aren’t a regular thing.


Nicola George Zschögner

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