1.   University psychology classes are extremely interesting

Psychology classes are extremely fun to take! They allow you to understand how other people act and even understand yourself more. Psychology gives you an insight on our everyday life and how/why things happen to be a certain way.

2.  Great insight.

It is an intense subject that can sometimes be a lot to bare. However, you do learn multiple things that can help you understand situations more for example and strategies that can help you solve the problem. Did you know humans retain only 0,0003636% of the information giving to us (selective hearing). Taking psychology classes tend to help us understand emotions better, which, eventually could help us as students, understand and have control over our own moods and emotions.

3. It’s a very easy subject to learn.

Many university students often tend to take this classes because it’s not to complicated and can sometimes take minimal effort. Psychology is one the most common bachelor program taken. The reason for that is because many for example doctors need to have a bachelor’s degree, mind you their programs are hard enough, so why not take an easy program as a BAC! This is a class that can be easy when using common sense, which we all happen to have😉! T his field of study is extremely beneficial as well. It’ s a self healing class. When you’re being taught about the world of behaviour, you learn how stress, anxiety and mental illness is caused, the class can help you learn how to recover, heal and understand what you might be going through!

4. Opportunities!

It might not seem like it, but, psychology can open so many doors for your future! A bachelor in psychology at uOttawa is only four years long. After only 4 years you can become say a social worker, counselor, psychology teacher, human resources, and so many more. The positive side to all of this is that these careers/jobs are actually very fun and aren’t extremely high demanding jobs.

5. Applicable

These kinds of classes are unlike other applicable in our everyday life. I’ve experiences so many moments were id be sitting in Chemistry class and wonder to myself, when is this ever going to be useful to me in my life? There are so many new things to learn from everyday and every class. If you’re seeking to help others and benefit from the information you’re taught, I highly suggest you take a psychology class!

6. Questions

We all have so many unanswered questions, some even weird. Well, this class is the time and place to ask away! Examples of questions that can be answered are, why do some people snore when they sleep, why can’t I tickle myself, why are we very inattentive to change. Many of the questions can simply be answered by asking your prof.


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple

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