Some high schools only have around 200 people. With such a small group of people, getting by in the halls was no problem at all! Now, it is a struggle just to get into a classroom. Mind you, trying to cross the road near the campus is already extremely difficult. The university classes are bigger than some high schools.  It can be intimidating being surrounded by so many people. Often it can also be distracting; a class of 200 people can certainly get noisy!

There’s not as many people!

Being in a small university has many perks. First, you have smaller classes. The smaller the class is, the more time and attention you get from the teacher. In big classes, you tend to lose valuable time learning because everyone has so many questions.  Secondly, it’s a lot easier to get to know people and bond with others when you’re in a small group.  It’s easier to find the people you connect with.


You will get more attention!

A smaller university is more beneficial to your grade. Most professors and T.As are busy grading stacks of exams and don’t necessarily have all the time in the world when it comes to carefully correcting your paper. We sometimes tend to struggle, but are to ashamed to ask. Sometimes in smaller universities, the teachers have more time to focus on the students and notice when you’re struggling and offer you the help you we’re to scared to ask for.


Feedback is such an important thing to get after post-secondary. So many of us dont take the time of the day to get it because we dont realise we’re bound to get better at writing and working if you constantly get feedback, regarding the steps to improving our work.

Essay writing

In a smaller class, you’re prone to writing more papers than in a big class as well, because no TA wants to sit around correcting 200 papers. Therefore, smaller classes means less papers to correct. Plus,  it’s very good for earning extra marks if you’re not good at the whole memorizing things for exams because writing papers doesn’t consist of memorization. Essay writing can be beneficial to students who put themselves through so much stress to try and memorize so many lessons even though they just completely blank during the exam.

You’re lucky if you attend a smaller university. Enjoy these perks while you can! Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to struggle navigating through the masses in the hallways. 


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple