Reasons to take French Courses at University of Ottawa

The majority of the population in Canada happens to be more fluent in English than French. Many don’t realize it but the capability of expressing yourself in French is very useful, and the language is fantastic.


Studying French will bring on so many amazing opportunities for your future. First, there will be a variety of career options. On top of that, you can get chosen over someone else for an employment opportunity just because of your fluency in French. You also have the advantage of working with a diverse group of people. For example, if you’re a clinical psychologist, unfortunately if you are not fluent in french, you can not treat any French patient that don’t speak any English.


When you’re looking for any type of information, knowing French gives you more flexibility on who you can consult for answer. First off, you can miss out on the opportunity to meet a brilliant professor because you simply do not understand French. Mind you the majority of the population does speak French, but it does happen where some people just simply express themselves better in French.


You might have noticed, there are a multitude of activities through campuses regarding the celebration of our french language ( Journée de la Francophonie). The University of Ottawa engages in activities around campus to encourage us young teens to keep practicing our French language. We do not only celebrate this throughout universities but also high schools. In Cornwall, both French schools would meet up, playing really loud French music on speakers and walk across town singing together as a united front. After that, we would all gather at the park and listen to some talented students sing ‘mon drapeau’


The language itself is very beautiful. It isn’t difficult to learn and apply. The French vocabulary is very rich. You’ll find a variety of words just to express one thing. As a bonus, the French language happens to be similar enough to Spanish, so, if you know french, it isn’t that difficult to learn Spanish.

To conclude, the french language is extremely beneficial. It opens up so many doors career wise and allows you to explore a multiple of sources while looking for information. I guarantee you it is a language you definitely will not regret learning!


Chelsea Mallory

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