Many of us struggle when it comes to keeping ourselves on track. We have so much reading to do, especially if you’re taking 5 courses. We end up losing track of what to do eventually. In order to not get lost in time, here are 5 perks to a great reading week!

1. Catching up

It’s very easy and common to sometimes fall behind because as students, we’re overloaded with responsibilities. Reading week gives you the chance to catch up without feeling pressured to do so. Catch up on your readings is what most students tend to do during the break. It might not seem like it, however, reading only one chapter of a book can take hours. Some of these psychology chapters are a little over 30 pages and the font is extremely small. Often enough students don’t take the time to read because they are preoccupied with studying and projects. However, it is essential, since many of the readings will be on the exams.

2. Mental health

Catching up is highly important, however, our mental health is just as important, if not more. We often put aside our health because we believe school is more important. How important will school be if you end up dropping out because the level of anxiety and stress becomes unbearable? Reading week gives us the opportunity to sit back, yeah study a bit but also just cool down. Take a day to relax and binge watch your favorite series, play video games or even just sleep since most students are lacking in that area.

3. Family and friends 😊

Sometimes, the only time we have for friends is when were sitting next to them in class. Many students go to university far from home, even an hour and a half away from home is far when you’re a student with no vehicle.  Getting homesick is extremely common. Reading week is an opportunity to take some time to hangout with friends and go back home to visit your family that you’ve missed so much. Overall, reading week allows you to slightly catch up as well as relax and remind yourselves that you are only human and definitely deserve a break after working so hard!

4. Stress free environment

Students are stressing all year-long. There are so many responsibilities such as due dates, exams, jobs, rent to pay and many more. Reading week is a time to relax, knowing you are finished with your first session of exams and already handed in a good deal of projects.

5. Exam preparation

Reading week can be used to relax. However, some people could benefit from it to improve your grades. During the week, you’re often crammed with a lot of work and class so you might not get all the study time you need. Take the time during this break to study a little or even just go over your notes. Preparing yourself in advance for an exam is never a bad thing, exams come quicker than you realize.

Reading week is an awesome week for most university students. Not only do you get the time to relax and take a breather, but also use this time to catch up on your studies. Even if you don’t end up getting that much studying done, don’t feel bad. You’re still human and need a break from all the stress.


Chelsea Mallory

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