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Math Courses at the University of Ottawa

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Kelly Solak

When it comes to college level courses, especially math, students can get pretty apprehensive about the difficulty of the classes. At the University of Ottawa, alma mater of Alex Trebek, math courses are part of the graduation requirements. The university is known for being the largest bilingual school in the world! It is also among Canada's top 10 research universities in the world. Here are 10 math classes at the University of Ottawa.

1. MAT 1300 - Mathematical Methods I

Students learning in a classroom.

This mathematical methods I course is three credits for students to take. Topics covered include a review of elementary functions, limits, geometric series, differential and integral calculus in one variable with applications. Functions of several variables and partial derivatives are also discussed. Termeh Kousha is one of the instructors for this course.

The course consists of lecture and discussion groups. Prerequisites are one of Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) or MAT 1339. The courses MAT 1300, MAT 1308, MAT 1320, MAT 1330 cannot be combined for credits. This course is intended primarily for students in the School of Management.

2. MAT 1308 - Introduction to Calculus

Image of math problems and equations.

This course is three credits and introduces topics of calculus. It gives a review of elementary functions, introduction to limits, geometric series. Also, an introduction to differential and integral calculus in one variable with applications, linear approximations, applications to optimization are also covered. Joseph Khoury is a great professor who lays the foundation for this course. Students who have previously studied the derivative and differentiation rules should take MAT 1300 instead.

This course is primarily for students in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences. Students who have taken MCV4U, MAT1339 or an equivalent are strongly encouraged to register for MAT1300 instead. Prerequisites are one of Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or MAT 1318 or an equivalent. The course MAT 1308, MAT 1300, MAT 1320, MAT 1321, MAT 1327, MAT 1329, MAT 1330 cannot be combined for credits.

3. MAT 1318 - Functions

Main building seen on campus.

Functions is a three-credits course taught by Barry Jessup. Polynomial and rational functions, factoring, the remainder theorem, families of polynomials with specified zeros, odd and even polynomial functions are discussed. Logarithms and exponentials to various bases, and their laws are also taught to students. 

The course is designed in a lecture style. Prerequisites are Ontario grade 11 Functions (MCR3U) or the equivalent of the course. The courses MAT 1318, Ontario 4U Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or any equivalent cannot be combined for credits.

4. MAT 1330 - Calculus for the Life Sciences I

Math majors at the University of Ottawa.

Calculus for the Life Sciences I is a course that is three credits for students to complete. You will learn about calculus applications in life sciences. Topics covered include discrete dynamical systems, equilibrium points, stability, cobwebbing are taught to students. Integrals, indefinite and definite integrals, fundamental theorem of calculus, antiderivatives, substitution, and integration by parts are key aspects of the course.

Discussion groups and lectures are what the class is made up of. Prerequisites are one of MAT 1339, Ontario 4U Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) or an equivalent course. The courses MAT 1300, MAT 1308, MAT 1320, MAT 1321, MAT 1327, MAT 1329, MAT1330 cannot be combined for credits.

5. MAT 1341 - Introduction to Linear Algebra

Image of math paper with equations.

Introduction to Linear Algebra is a three credit class for the University of Ottawa. Reviews complex numbers and the fundamental theorem of algebra. Reviews vector and scalar products, and projections for students as well. 

Discussion group, and lecture are the two components of the course. Prerequisites are MAT1339 or Ontario 4U Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U), or an equivalent classes. The courses MAT1341, MAT1302 cannot be combined for credits.

6. MAT 1348 - Discrete Mathematics for Computing

Students working together on homework.

MAT 1348 is a course that students find difficult and challenging in their college careers. Taught by Monica Nevins, she goes over topics in graph theory include isomorphism, cycles, trees, directed graphs. Whenever possible applications from computing and information technology will be included.

This course is three credits for students to complete. Prerequisites are MAT 1318 or Ontario 4U Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or equivalent courses. This course cannot be taken for credits by any student who has previously received credit for MAT 2348. Courses MAT 1348, MAT 1362 cannot be combined for credits also.

7. MAT 1362 - Mathematical Reasoning and Proofs

Students walking on campus at the University of Ottawa.

This course covers elements of logic, set theory, functions, equivalence relations and cardinality. Exploration of the real line, completeness, supremum, sequences and limits are also talked about the students. Some of the concepts will be illustrated with examples from geometry, algebra and number theory.

Discussion group, and lecture are the two main styles of teaching for the class. Prerequisites are MAT 1339 or Ontario 4U Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U) or an equivalent class.  MAT 1362, MAT 1348 cannot be combined for credits.

8. MAT 1372 - Elements of Probability and Statistical Inference

Student working on an assignment in class.

MAT 1372 is a three credit course that covers probability distributions, law of large numbers and the central limit theorem, sampling, applications of probability, testing with the normal, t and chi-square distributions and more are taught in this course. Correlation and regression is discussed in detail.

Laboratory and lecture are the two components for this class. A prerequisite for this class is MAT 1371. The courses MAT 1372, MAT 2371, MAT 2377, MAT 2379 cannot be combined for credit. This course cannot count for credit in any program in the Faculty of Science.

9. MAT 1374 - Probability and Games of Chance: Poker 101

Professor teaching students in class.

MAT 1374 is an an introduction to elementary probability theory, game theory, and the mathematical underpinning of games of chance. It is demonstrated through their applications to poker games such as Texas Hold'em and other societal aspects of gaming. The instructor for the course, Abdellah Sebbar, makes this class is very interesting, fun, and unique for students to partake in.

The format for the course is a lecture style. This course cannot count as a science elective for students in the Faculty of Science. This course is mainly for students to earn more credits, and have something fun and interesting while learning.

10. MAT 1395 - The Beauty of Mathematics

Student solving a math problem on the board.

Selected topics from modern and ancient mathematics are covered in MAT 1395. Course content varies from year to year. Chosen themes may include, but are not limited to: classical geometry, number theory, chaos theory and mathematics for elementary school teachers. Students find this class entertaining and engaging!

Students must look at the Department of Mathematics yearly to see the topics chosen for this course. The credits offered for this course is three credits. Students recommend this course to many of their friends!

Image of the main building on campus at the University of Ottawa.

Mathematics courses differ depending on each university. At the University of Ottawa, there are great courses that are designed in a way to help students reach their full learning potential and gather knowledge for future careers. Math is not something to get scared about when it is taught and understood by people who want success for students!


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