Trying to decide which post-secondary school to attend after high school can be a stressful and tough decision. The movies and stories told about college and all it is hyped up to be; the independence, the fresh start, the Greek life, the football games; it’s something we all look forward to, and work hard in high school to achieve. Each college experience is different depending on where you go. So whether you’re applying for schools soon, or even trying to make the big final decision, these are the reasons I chose the University of Ottawa and why you should too.

1. The atmosphere

Being right in the heart of Canada’s capital, you really get the chance to immerse yourself in the city. One of the things I love the most about Ottawa is that it’s a fairly big city, but with that small-town feel. You get the right balance between the urban city, and having tons of rural getaways and green space.

2. Countless iconic activities to choose from

Going to uOttawa, you’re only blocks away from some of the most iconic activities in Canada. Grabbing a Beavertail in the Byward Market, skating on the Rideau canal, exploring Parliament hill, shopping at the Rideau Centre, travelling to Quebec- the opportunities are endless! It’s never a dull moment in Ottawa.

3. It’s not too bad on the eyes

The city of Ottawa alone is hands down one of the most gorgeous cities in Ontario. You can have a view of parliament right through your window, and the other of the Rideau Canal. Not only is the city itself beautiful, but the campus itself is pretty great. Most of the buildings are stone with vines growing up the sides- they look especially gorgeous in the fall! Not to mention study sessions on Tabaret Lawn.

4. Québec

For all those first years wanting to drink, Gatineau is only a bridge away where the legal drinking age is 18. Not to mention, uOttawa is one of the only Ontario Universities with a wet frosh.

5. The 24/7 dining hall

If you don’t already know, the University of Ottawa has one of the first 24/7 dining halls, along with an unlimited meal plan. You can either choose between a 5 days, or 7 days, and it’s literally all-you-can-eat, whenever you want. Not to mention the quantity of food, but the quality is also pretty great too. It has its off-days but between the ice cream machine, Starbucks station, and unlimited chocolate milk; it’s a pretty magical place. Plus: it’s environmentally sustainable and has 100% compost, and no waste!

6. The diverse course selection


uOttawa is a great school when it comes to having a large variety of not only courses, but programs as well. Speaking of which, Conflict Studies and Human Rights is a program completely different to the University of Ottawa that you should check out. Not only are there a ton of programs to choose from, there are also some really neat courses you can take, such as  witchcraft!

7.It has a great co-op program

The University of Ottawa has one of the top ranked co-op programs in all of Canada. uOttawa gives endless opportunities with more than 75 programs offering co-op, and a 98% employment rate! Co-op is an amazing way to make money during your time at University, and getting exposure into the work place!

Those are only some of the reasons to attend uOttawa. Hope these gave you more insight as to why you should choose uOttawa.


Nicola George Zschögner

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