Every student knows how much money can cause struggle. For many of us first year students, we’re experiencing our first time overseeing bills and money managing. Also, schooling is very expensive, therefore, every bursary available is worth applying for!

1 – Good grades

Many high school, even university students are happy with a pass. I mean passing is an accomplishment in university because yes, class is difficult. However, imagine passing but with say 1000$! Doesn’t that sound a little fantastic. During admission as well as your upcoming years at university, you get money based on your average. 80-84.9% valued at 1000$, 85%-89.9 valued at 2000$, 90-94.9% valued at 3000% and finally 95-100% is worth 4000$. It may be hard to get such good grades in university, but it isn’t impossible. You must focus and really want it!

2 – Studying in French

The French language is considered a minority in Ontario, which means the university encourages all student to study in French. Every year that you study in French, the university gives you 1000$! The great part about this bursary is that you don’t have to apply for it, its automatically taking off your tuition fees. The only requirement is that you take 3 out of 5 courses in French, which means you’re aloud to take some classes in English as well.

3 – Faculty

Each faculty has bursaries designed specifically for students in their program. The only downfall is that you need to have a high average to be eligible for most of the bursaries. So, if you’re a great student with excellent grades, don’t miss out on these types of bursaries! For instance,  from the faculty of engineering, students with 90-94.9 % average are eligible for a 4000$ bursary and from 95-100%, 5000$.

4 – International

Theirs a scholarship called Presidents scholarship, designed specifically for international students, valued at 30,000$ (7,500$ per year).  This scholarship is rewarded to one student who has obtained a minimum average of 92%, demonstrate leadership qualities and commitment to school as well as extra curricular activities! They’re many other scholarships available for international students with almost the same eligible criteria’s.

To conclude, the university offers students multiple opportunities to gain money to put towards schooling. Many of these bursaries require minimum effort and are worth a lot. Put in the extra work, it will be worth it!


Chelsea Mallory

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