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Transitioning from high school to university is a big adjustment. The different environment means you should expect multiple things in your life to change. Here’s a list of things you should expect as an undergraduate student.

1. Failure

Although you may have been a straight A student, it is possible once you get to university you don’t get the grades you expected or wanted. One thing to keep in mind is that university is different from high school. The teaching method is different, the expectations as well as the work load.  In university it’s normal to fail, don’t worry, it’ll help you come out stronger!

2. Lack of sleep

Not only do we stay up super late to watch Netflix, but we also spend our nights up studying for midterms, finishing projects and catching up on reading. Midterms are extremely stressful for undergraduates because we don’t know what to expect, especially for our very first exams. When we feel as though we’ve done enough work, it’s normal to feel as though you’ve had no time for yourself.  Therefore, we tend to binge watch our favourite series in attempt to relax and forget about school for a little while.

3. Stress

Seeing as we all want have perfect grades in school, we get overwhelmed in stress and responsibilities. We can’t always be perfect at everything all the time and we have a hard time understanding that.  Trying to pass all your courses will bring along some stress, however there are multiple ways to deal with the stress such as physical activity and study dates.

4. Studying

Multiple people notice that studying is a lot different in university. You must find a different method of studying. For instance, memorizing things isn’t always the best method, the preferable method is associating the lessons to things in your everyday life. Another thing would be studying the night before. That might have worked in high school but it won’t fly in university. There’s so much to study and learn that you can’t rush through it in one night and expect to do well.

To conclude, university can be tough, but with enthusiasm, positivity and hard work, it’ll be great! University isn’t always about only working your butt off but also learning new things, meeting new people, experiences and also having as much fun as possible.


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple

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