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Social science may seem like an easy course. However, it can be complex if you’re not completely familiar with the subject. SCS1550  is based on the science of society. We explore how a society is created and multiple authors theory regarding this vast subject.

1. Authors

So many authors have different opinions based on what social sciences is and what it’s suppose to be. For instance, Auguste Comte believes in the conditions of existence in a society. However, Émile Durkheim believes in the beliefs and feelings of a member of society. Every author has their own theory as to what social science is, which they can prove with facts, experiments and a thesis.

2. Critical report

The critical report is used when students need to criticize other authors’ work. The critical report uses both internal and external information. Internal information comes from the article itself and external is information taken from other sources. Both are crucial when proving your point during a critical report.  The critical report is extremely beneficial for a student’s learning abilities. It teaches us how to analyze both positive and negative aspects in the authors’ work. On top of that, it allows us to think about how something could be improved and what a perfect structure looks like.

3. Roots of social sciences

Many people question the roots of our beliefs  and the origin of society. We are taught that a lot of things done in a society used to be purely based on religion itself. However, times have changed and so have our views and opinions. Once science came along it replaced religions in certain aspects such as its role in the social structure.

4. What affects our society

A society is built of many notions. Our society is affected by multiple different aspects such as poverty, deliquescent, crime and the environment. As the dominant species, humans shape our society. This class teaches us that we’ve created a society filled with discrimination, homophobia, racism, sexism and a multitude of other horrible things.

To conclude, social sciences is a very pertinent class, especially if you’re intrigued with life’s functioning.  Many students recommend this class due to its interesting content.


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple

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