Certain aspects in criminology can be tough, just like others can be easier to understand. Every student has their own personal study method to success.  Some are more effective than others. Here’s a list of tips on succeeding in criminology, especially CRM1700, for those whose current methods aren’t working right now.

1. Take notes

Most of the information provided by the teacher is being presented for a reason. You should aim for at least half a page worth of notes for each lecture. Taking notes is important because it allows you to retain information that isn’t included in the Powerpoint. The prof for this class mentions many examples using everyday life experiences, so try and take note of that, because it’ll make your life easier when you’re studying.

2. Office hours

In CRM1700, you should definitely visit the prof during his office hours before a midterm. You can ask questions one on one, and he will make sure to explain until you fully understand. On top of that, he normally informs you about the questions that will be on the exam, including their structure and the type of answers he’s looking for. If you’re not comfortable going alone, you can always go see him with a group of friends.

3. Reading

Doing the reading has to be one of the most important things to succeed in this class. The readings are often filled with so much pertinent information that will help you understand even more. Each midterm usually has a question concerning a required reading, so it’s important to read and make sure you’re not missing out on important things.

4. Listen

First of all, you should always listen so that you don’t miss out on important things. The most important reason to listen carefully is because often, the prof could be reading a slide from his Powerpoint and all of a sudden say: “this will be on the exam so retain and understand it”. How can you succeed if you’re not listening and missing out on important things?

To conclude, these tips are essential if you expect to succeed in CRM1700. If you want to do well, take action. University is a great opportunity to learn so much and you need to try and give it your all. Don’t just hope for the best, go and get that A!

Chelsea Mallory

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