Philosophy is a tough subject to understand.  This class discusses many life questions as well as how to reason in particular situations. Here are a few tips that should help you succeed in this class.

1. Listen

If you don’t listen in this class, you’ll learn the hard way that you really need to focus 100%. Believe it or not, but focusing your attention elsewhere can actually make a huge difference, even if it’s just for a second.  All the information given out is essential to know.

2. Don’t talk during class

A lot of students tend to get bored in class so they decide to chat it up with their friends beside them. It’s understandable to do so especially during a hard class because it makes time pass by quicker. However, when you talk to your friends in class you tend to really distract the prof. Not only does that compromise your learning but it affects everyone else in the class because he has to stop teaching to get people to be quiet during his lecture.

3. Study

Some classes you can get away with not studying because it’s an easy subject or something generally easy to understand. However, this is usually not the case with philosophy. There are many rules in reasoning that you have to memorize in order to answer certain questions effectively.  You’ll need to study at least a little every week to make sure you understand clearly what was taught in class.

4. Get help

As previously mentioned philosophy can be pretty hard. Most of the time the teacher will ask if we need clarifications, and when he does so, don’t be afraid to say yes because you’re not the only one whose having a hard time.  Sometimes we think we don’t understand but we just need to hear it again in  a different manner or with a variety of example.

On top of asking questions, the university offers free tutoring for philosophy! You can ask the teacher for information, and if not, there’s flyer all over the university concerning the information about the tutoring.

Overall, philosophy can be difficult. However, you may be surprised how much you can improve using these tips even just a bit. It’s important to follow every step that can help improve your education.


Chelsea Mallory

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