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Studying can be a pretty tricky thing. Not all of us know how to properly study yet. Some us are better at remembering things by reading it over and over and others rewrite it. Some classes require you to study in different ways compared to the way you study in other classes. Here are 4 study tips to use for CRM 1700.

1. Flash cards

Flash cards are a quick and efficient want to study! All you have to do is ask yourself, “What is important for this exam? What do I think my prof will put on this exam?” In CRM 1700, the teacher has many difficult multiple choice questions. The flash cards work well for this course because on one side of the card, you can write a question with different answers. Make sure to write the question the way you think it will be on the exam. On the other side of the card, have the correct answer. This way you’re preparing yourself for his multiple choices.

2. Visit the prof

Believe it or not, but the prof always helps when it comes to letting you know what to study for the exam. We often study so much for topics that don’t even end up appearing on the exam. It’s highly recommended to visit this professor before the exam. He does go over the exam in class, however if you go see him, he does give more of what will be on the exam compared to what he said in class, also he does give you a deep explanation. Therefore, in this class, it’s beneficial for your grade to go see him during his office hours.

3. Reading

The exam for this course contains multiple choice questions as well as 2-3 development questions. Not only should you do the reading, but you need to study it to ensure that you’re familiar with its content when exam time comes. Unlike other classes, you can pass the class with a good mark without reading the textbook. However, in this class, the exam has a few development questions that are pulled directly from reading he suggest we read. Therefore, you need to do the reading so that you can study its content. Also, the reading in this class has enriching detail, so if you don’t understand the way he teaches it, the readings might be better for you.

4. Go over the Power Points

You’d be surprised how much important information you’ll find in this prof’s PowerPoint. On the slides, all the information you need for the exam is there, as well as simple and easy examples to help you understand. His PowerPoints are also very detailed so you won’t be missing anything super important. Also, during the class, he will direct you towards the slides to study in order to do well. The slides are key to doing well in this class because all important details will be there and if you write close to, or exactly what’s on the slide, there’s no way you won’t do super well!

To conclude, if you go over these tips, you should have no troubles studying before an exam in CRM1700. It can be pretty easy to pass this class if you study properly.


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple

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