1. We’re not in the middle of nowhere.

The University of Ottawa has an undeniably convenient and central campus. Minutes away are the Rideau Centre, Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal, and the National Arts Centre. If you’re looking for a good place to eat lunch or a quiet spot to study, a quick walk will take you to the Byward Market or Elgin Street, and a short bus ride will bring you to the endless Bank Street. The options are infinite.

2. We have great food and drink.

Our campus features not only some great coffee shops, but also independent cafes and restaurants that include options for every dietary restriction you can think of. Many of our cafes use organic and local ingredients, and your options for a fantastic dinner or drink are never limited.

3. We’re connected to amazing opportunities.

Being the biggest university in the capital of the country, there are some definite perks. Our amazing CO-OP program can link you to jobs that make some of our country’s biggest decisions. Not only will you be exposed to professional work so quickly, you might be offered a full-time position upon graduation. If you do a Masters at uOttawa, there’s a long list of fantastic research opportunities around the city. As well, you can find some great volunteer placements and internships to immerse yourself in. Bonus- the school has some amazing trips and exchange programs across the world.

4. We do heaps of public research.

Our school is more than a school- the University of Ottawa participates in some of the most pressing research happening in the country. Our links to the Canadian government, archives, museums, and numerous hospitals make uOttawa a pretty well-connected institute of publish research. Fun fact- U of O actually operates 40 research centres and institutes, and in 2012 was ranked Canada’s ninth most research-intensive school.

5. We’re well known.

In the 2014-2015 Times World University Rankings, U of O placed 188th in the world and 8th in Canada. For years, the university has ranked similar standings with improvements over time. We’re recognized across the world for our prestigious programs, abundant research, scenic campus, and notable alumni.

6. We have great scholarships and opportunities.

U of O is one of the most financially generous universities in Canada with great entrance and faculty scholarships and awards. There are also an abundance of opportunities to make money through the university through CO-OP and the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, as well as a variety of on-campus jobs for every field of study.

7. We have a beautiful campus.

Built right on the Rideau Canal, our campus features both historical, vine-covered brownstones as well as brand new, modern installations. Although we have tons of buildings, they sit amidst beautiful greenery with plenty of greenspace. Standing right in the middle of a busy city, this eclectic mix sets us apart and makes uOttawa’s campus both unique and genuinely pretty. (And let’s be real, Carleton probably looks like your old high school).

8. We host awesome events.

We display pieces by Ottawa artists, host both local and international musicians, host yoga to de-stress, and participate in tons of local charity events. You’re bound to find items of interest with our insane amount of clubs and teams, and will be introduced to endless opportunities to connect yourself to the community. (I’d mention the amount of Carleton students we attract at Poutine Fest but I’d probably make them feel bad.)

9. We’re bilingual.

The largest bilingual university in the world, actually. uOttawa is probably the most language-friendly spot in Ottawa, with bilingual employees, books, websites, advertisements… and an overall inclusive environment.

10. We’re diverse.

The University of Ottawa attracts students from all across the world. Our vastly multicultural school brings students from every (habitable) continent to study renowned programs at such an open and accommodating institute of public research. There’s something for everyone here, and everyone’s welcome. This university is pretty much a mini Canada- no matter how hard you try, you just can’t hate it.


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Posted by OneClass on Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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