There are not many places you can go on campus where there are not swarms of people everywhere. For humans who do not like interacting with other humans, that could be a bit of an issue.

2. Downtown

Since the university is situated in Ottawa’s downtown core, everything is so cramped and close together. That means you have to WALK everywhere. You won’t always feel like taking a stroll down the bustling promenade.

3. Bilingual

The University is also bilingual in English AND French. So you may have to learn another language. Because English isn’t hard enough. Too bad you weren’t paying attention in high school French class. You can choose to do your studies in either language. Too. Many. Choices!

4. Everything is posted online

Grades, notes, and almost everything else is posted online, which means we miss out on the opportunity to waste the paper copies that would be handed out instead. AND we have to use our smartphone or laptop.

5. Hotdog guy

He’s just sorta always there…anytime you feel like having a hotdog…creepy?

6. Environmentally friendly?

University of Ottawa formed together to ban water bottles being sold on campus, and set up refillable water stations around campus. Now, who has $5 to spend on a reusable water bottle when we could just pollute the earth with plastic ones instead?

7. History

History is a large part of the university. They like to dwell on it. Many of the buildings and monuments are named after people nobody has ever heard of. Who was Colonel By, anyway? And here I thought I’d never have to be bothered with history again after high school.

8. Dining hall

An expensive new dining hall was built just last year, but $11 for unlimited lunch?? Outrageous! Who has time to sit in there all day eating a variety of foods and studying/binge-watching Netflix? Not us!

9. Scenery and Architecture

University of Ottawa is terrible for scenery. The buildings are tall and are made of ugly glass and concrete. And all of those trees are a total waste of space. Too bad trees don’t generate wifi. They only create the air we breathe.

10. Places to hangout

There are so many places around campus to hangout and procrastinate. It’s too bad we have to write 5 papers and study for midterms. Thanks for nothing, uOttawa.


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