Bird courses, or easy courses, are the courses everyone is dying to get in to their first year at university. Finding them isn’t always easy, but a few lucky students with connections to those in higher years can tend to find a few good ones here and there. For those of you looking to study in our nation’s capital, here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at uOttawa.

10. CRM1300: Introduction to Criminology

For those of you looking to add a bit of mystery and suspense into your course load, criminology is the best place to start. The course covers different aspects of criminology, looking specifically at studies and statistics over long lapses of time in Canada and in the United States. Though it does require a bit of effort, there being 2 midterms and a final take home exam, if you’re good with memorization then this course won’t be a problem for you! The videos you study in class are interesting and captivating, the professors that teach it are always engaging, and it’s certainly going to be a class that you will not want to miss.

9. SOC1101: Principles of Sociology

Much like Criminology, Sociology requires a bit of effort but overall is a fairly easy course to get a good grade in. Like the last course, it has two midterms and a final take home exam, but the material is easy to grasp, and the professors are always engaging. The course also involves a lot of discussion in lecture, which keeps everyone engaged and get their own opinions out, and the material is mainly memorization of facts, very minimal subjective opinion to be graded on which puts you, the student, in a good position if you have a good memory.

8. BPS1101: Drugs 101

Don’t be fooled by the title of this course, this has nothing to do with recreational drugs… almost. The course covers history and evolution of modern medicine and the way it’s used and abused in the modern world. There are midterms and a final in this course, but every review has been that the material is easy to remember and that’s all there is to it. The course covers medicine for the common cold all the way up to performance enhancing drugs used by sports players, and chemotherapy for cancer patients. There is no shortage of material in this course, but the raving reviews and full lectures leave a lasting impression.

7. CLA2323: Greek Mythology

I’m sure all of us have heard Greek myths at one point or another: Pandora’s box, Hercules, Minotaur, etc. This course covers the most prominent Greek myths and Greek gods, taking you through the hectic family tree that Zeus created for himself up on Mount Olympus. The course fills up quickly, which can only be a positive review, and the midterms and final were easy to study for. Each myth is engaging and the lectures are easy to follow, considering most of each one is story telling along with facts about the god or goddess involved in the myth. The course itself is extremely interesting, but who doesn’t like watching Disney’s Hercules in lecture? 

6. ENG1100: Workshop in Essay Writing

Although for the Arts and Social Sciences students this course is typically mandatory, for those of you who aren’t taking it already in first year, this is an excellent course to take. I’m sure by the title of the course you’ve all immediately panicked, but the course itself is actually extremely laid back. There are only two essays written throughout the duration of the course, one of which is only 2-3 pages long, and a series of small quizzes with 6-8 questions regarding grammar. Other than that, the entire course is discussions and basic english grammar and sentence structure. 

5. FEM1100: Women, Gender, Feminism: An Introduction

Before all the guys reading this article skip on to number 4, hear me out. This course is historical based, focusing on women throughout history, major changes in political stances that regard women and looks at gender equality for all genders, not just male and female. The course includes several films that are studied, both exams are fairly simple, usually no more than multiple choice and short answer, though occasionally you’ll find a long answer question, and as long as you prove your point, you are guaranteed a good grade. 

4. PHI1101: Reasoning and Critical Thinking

Odds are, this course was offered at your high school. Philosophy is a great course to take if you’re looking for a good bird course, considering the entire course is just memorizing concepts and applying them. This course in particular is the introduction to philosophy, and in certain majors is a mandatory course for first year. The course itself is extremely straight forward and easy to understand and apply, which makes it an excellent choice for a bird course in your time here at uOttawa.

3. ENG2110: Children’s Literature

Children’s Literature is a course that studies books you most likely have read a thousand times over and already know off by heart. Some of the listed readings are Charlotte’s Web, Where The Wild Things Are, and Harry Potter which make the course a good choice for those that enjoy literature and want to have an easy grade. The course is entertaining, contains books that you likely already own which saves you money on books (which, let’s face it, is another good reason to take the course), and the assignments are fairly straightforward and easy to comprehend.

2. THE1100: Introduction to the Practice of Theatre: Onstage

For the performers out there, this is a great course to take to boost your grade. For starters, the course pack you have to buy for this course will only put you back $20, which is a huge bonus for us university students on a budget. The course itself has 3 performances, all of which are group assignments, and a few small quizzes on the plays you have to read. There are no essays, one written analysis but the assignment is rather small. Overall, if you put effort into the course, you’ll get a good gap boost by the end of the semester.

1. SRS 1110: Witchcraft, Magic and Occult Phenomena

Last, but certainly not least, is Witchcraft. Now, before you go thinking that uOttawa is secretly Hogwarts, let me explain. This course looks at the way “witches” have been viewed throughout history. You study the witch trials in Europe and America, religions that were persecuted, and other examples of witches throughout history. With one midterm and a final, the course doesn’t have much work, but both exams are multiple choice and easy to study for if you can memorize information well.

And there you have it, the top ten bird courses at the University of Ottawa. There’s something here for everyone, or if you’re like me, they all might sound vaguely interesting. Of course, there are other bird courses out there if you want to take a look, these are just my personal top ten. Enjoy your electives, freshman!


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