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We all know how tough it can be to wake up early, especially when you know you could still be laying in your cozy king size bed ;)! Before you decide you’d rather sleep, here are 5 benefits to taking morning classes.

1. You’ll be done early

Taking morning classes allows you to get more done during the day. If you take afternoon classes, you’ll most likely be in bed all morning catching up on sleep. After sleeping you’ll get ready for say your 12 o’clock class. By the time your class finishes and you get home, depending how close you live to school, you’ll only be home by minimum 1:15. Notice how your whole afternoon is already gone? Now imagine you have an 8:30 class.¬† You’ll be out of class by 9:15am, then you can go home and you’ll have all afternoon to get things done such as studying, work or going to the gym! UOttawa has a beautiful gym and great big library, wouldn’t you rather spend your time there? ūüėČ

2. Less distractions

Studies have shown that¬†71% of students sent or received text messages on their cell phones in class. Even in schools that ban cell phones entirely, the percentage of use sits at a shocking 58%. These study demonstrates how distracted we are due to cell phone use. However, it’s easier to avoid that distraction by taking morning classes. The reason behind that is simply because most people hate morning classes so they will sleep in and take afternoon courses. If you’re taking a morning class and your friends are sleeping, that means no one or less people will be blowing up your Facebook group chats or texting you, snapchatting and such. Just like every other school, UOttawa has 2 major groups of students, the ones who are super eager to learn and those who are just taking the class for the credit. Therefore, you’ll always have some disruptive students in class, however, you’re more than likely to find a peaceful class in the morning.

3. Prepares you for adulthood

Most careers require an early start since most days are a minimum 7 hours. Unless you work night shifts, you’ll be getting up quite early! Taking early classes gets you into the routine of getting up early that way once you get older and have to get up early for work, it won’t be as much of a struggle.

4. Better grades

According to a study done at Texas University in 2008, it is proven that early birds tend to get better grades than the night owls. It isn’t a slight difference either. The majority of early birds succeed with a 3.5 GPA compared to those who take later classes with a 2.5 GPA. SASS (student academic success service), from the University of Ottawa proves that morning classes are great for time management that later on leads in fact to higher grades!

5. Peaceful environment

Morning classes usually mean class is quiet, your chatter boxes are most likely still in bed! Most students are exhausted during an 8:30 am class so you don’t have to worry about being distracted by people talking in class. On top of that, the pathway to the multiple buildings such as TABARET, Simard, Hamelin, etc… is a lot less crowded which makes getting to class much easier and less irritable.

In conclusion, morning classes and getting up early can be tough. However, morning classes do come with many benefits such as a peaceful environment, less distractions, better grades and preparation for adulthood.


Chelsea Mallory

Studying psychology at the university of Ottawa! Engaging and love meeting new poeple

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